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A Good Victorian Tin Lined Copper Circular Jelly Mould With Central Opening And 7 Point Castellated Turrets: Stamped THE ALBION.
140mm Diameter x 105mm High.
Circa 1850.
A Few Old Solder Repairs To The Tips, 3 Tiny Piercings.






Price: $385.00
Stock Number: ZA177



A Small Victorian Brass Jewellers Anvil Of Typical Form On Splayed Rectangular Foot.
86mm Wide x 52mm Deep x 68mm High.
Circa 1880.
Good Original Unpolished Condition, Great Paperweight.





Price: $265.00
Stock Number: ZA131



An Early 20thC New Zealand Interest Brass Plate Wind Fishing Reel With Retailers Marks Stamped To The Face Plate For "A&W McCarthy Dunedin & Invercargill."
72mm Diameter x 31mm Deep.
Circa 1900.
Original Condition, Functioning Action.







Price: $250.00
Stock Number: ZA132



Two Old Brass Plate Wind Fishing Reels.
Both About 62mm Diameter.
Both Original Untouched Condition






Price: $160.00
Stock Number: ZA133




A Most Handsome Pair Of Early 19thC Quart Copper Mugs With Simple Scroll Handles With Heart Terminals, Tapering Bodies, Low Girdles And Slightly Everted Bases.
171mm High.
Stamped WR And Crown Touch Marks, William IV, Circa 1830.
Gorgeous Original Well Oxidised Condition, The Base Of One Handle Separated From The Body, The Other With Early Pin Repair At The Same Point, A Large And Imposing Pair.











Price: $585.00
Stock Number: ZA178



An Early 20thC Barker & Dobson Viking Toffee Box Formed As A Bucket With Swing Handle And Lid, The Sides And Cover Decorated With Lithographic Prints Of Vikings And Long Ships.
95mm Diameter x 95mm High.
Very Good Condition.





Price: $125.00
Stock Number: Z635



Two Early 20thC Bournville Cocoa Promotional Pencil Sharpeners Formed As Cocoa Cans With Lithographic Decoration Of Bournville Logos.
19mm Diameter x 27mm High.
Very Good Condition






Price: $120.00
Stock Number: Z636




In The Manner Of Grinling Gibbons : A 17thC English  Oak Pendant Hanging Carved In Deep Relief With Fruit, Erupting Seed Pod, Wheat And Foliage; With Suspension Device.
560mm High x 180mm Wide At Widest Point.
Circa 1650.
Gorgeous! Stunning Colour. Crisp Carving. Highly Decorative.







Price: $780.00
Stock Number: ZA41




A Pair Of George III Early 19thC Sheffield Plate Candlesticks With Detachable Sconces, Tapering Stems And Domed Circular Feet.
196mm High.
Circa 1820.
Good Condition With "Bleeding" At The High Points, A Characteristic Of Sheffield Plate.







Price: $280.00
Stock Number: ZA72



A Pair Of 20thC English Army Leather Shot Buckets With Brass Fittings; Printed And Painted With The Royal Arms.
287mm High x 160mm High
Some Distress, Straps Lacking, Make Decorative Lamp Bases.








Price:  $480.00
Stock Number: G610




A 19thC Gilt Metal Figure Of A Kneeling Scantily Draped Putti, Electrified And Fitted As A Lamp Base.
290mm High.
Excellent Original Condition.






Price: $650.00
Stock Number: ZA52



A Small Bronze Grand Tour Style Figure Of A Seated Naked Mercury With Winged Sandals On A Rocky Mound Base.
86mm Wide x 54mm Deep x 104mm High.
Early 20th Century.
Good Condition.






Price:  $285.00
Stock Number: Z483



A Good Early 20th Century Archibald Knox Design Tudric Pewter Square Section Biscuit Box With Drop In Double Flange Cover And Embossed Decoration Of Stylised Sunflowers.
140mm square.
Stamped English Pewter Mark And Numbered 194.




Price: $1,250.00

Stock Number: R29



An Extraordinary 19thC "Grotesque" Wood Walking Stick Of Natural Form With Gnarled Tapering Stem And Horn Ferrule.
945mm Long.
Circa 1850.
Unbelievable Wear And Patination, A Joy To Handle, Visually Riveting, Extremely Sturdy And Functional.









A Fabulous 19thC Gnarled "Grotesque" Wood Walking Stick Of Natural Form With Bulbous Root Handle.
930mm Long
Circa 1850
A Delight To Handle, Solid And Functional, Superb Patination.






Price: $785.00
Stock Number: Z555



An Extraordinary 19thC "Grotesque" Wood Walking Stick Of Natural Form With Gnarled Tapering Stem And Horn Ferrule.
945mm Long.
Circa 1850.
Unbelievable Wear And Patination, A Joy To Handle, Visually Riveting, Extremely Sturdy And Functional.







Price: $785.00
Stock Number: Z567



A 19thC "Grotesque" Wood Walking Stick Of Natural Form With Gnarled Tapering Stem And Well Worn Knob Handle.
934mm Long.
Circa 1850.
Fabulous Patination, Sturdy And Functional.






Price: $485.00
Stock Number: Z568



A 19thC Twisted Dark Wood Walking Stick, The Handle Carved With The Initials JT And Dated 1894.
895mm Long.
Robust And Functional.
Illustrated: "Fascinating Walking Sticks" By A. E. Boothroyd, Plate 11






Price: $185.00
Stock Number: Z569



A Curious 19thC Entwined Honeysuckle Walking Stick With Knob Handle.
980mm Long.
Good Colour, Functional.






Price: $320.00
Stock Number: Z577



A Late Victorian Novelty "Frigger" Glass Walking Stick With Hook Handle And Twisted Stem.
927mm Long.
Good Condition, Not Recommended As A Functional Stick!






Price: $185.00
Stock Number: Z578



A Decorative Late Victorian Novelty "Candy Cane" Glass Walking Stick With Hook Handle And Colour Twist Stem.
974mm Long.
Good Condition, Not Recommended As A Functional Stick!







Price: $285.00
Stock Number: Z589



A Cased  Edwardian Presentation Ebonised Sterling Silver Mounted Baton, The Mounts Engraved With Scrolling Foliage; Engraved : "Presented To Mr Lloyd Huws By The Fernhead Male Choir."
516mm Long.
London 1906,
Maker Not Identified.
The Baton In Good Condition, The Case Functional But Lacking A Hasp And Also Pierced At The Narrow End.






Price:  $585.00
Stock Number: Z288



A Small Collection Of Victorian Hand Tools Featuring A Spatula With Brass Mounted Mahogany Handle, The Blade Engraved "Helmet Brand;" A Small Screwdriver With Brass Mounted Mahogany Handle And Stamped Makers Device; Another Smaller Screw Driver With Steel Mounted Wooden Handle And 3 Various Glass Cutters With Brass Mounted Turned Mahogany Handles - One Diamond Tipped And Stamped "SHARRATT NEWTH PATENT LONDON," Contained Wihin A Hinged Victorian Box.
The Box With A Couple Of Minor Deficiencies, The Tools In Good Nick.






Price:  $150.00
Stock Number: CD864



A Victorian Cased Draughtsmans Box, The Fitted Interior With A Quantity Of Instruments Including 3 Ivory Rulers, Some Instruments With Ivory Handles Marked "ELIOTT."







Price:  $450.00
Stock Number: CD697



A Turn-of-the-Century set of 7 Japanese black lacquer circular bowls and 3 covers, plain except for the inside of the covers which are red ground with gilded decoration of flying cranes; original pine case with
painted characeter marks.
Diameter of bowls 135mm







Price:  $280.00
Stock Number: G400



A George III 18thC Circular Pewter Plate With Folded Rim, Touch Marks And Stamped Owners Initials.
243mm Diameter.
Circa 1760.
Good Original Condition.




Price:  $80.00
Stock Number: CD899



A Stalactite.
514mm Long.
Many Millions Of Years Old.

Stalactite and stalagmite are both nouns. They each refer to mineral deposits in a cave, but stalactites form on the ceilings of caves, while stalagmites are found on the ground. ... Stalactite contains the letter c, like in ceiling which is where stalactites form.





Price:  $650.00
Stock Number: Z293



A Victorian Gilt Metal Lorgnette With Typical Folding Sprung Action.
106mm Long Folded.
Circa 1880.
One Lens With Two Small Chips Otherwise Good Condition.



Price:  $65.00
Stock Number: Z403


A Pair Of Victorian Mahogany Revolving Circular Lazy Susans With Dished Rims.
234mm Diameter.
Circa 1880.
One With A Couple Of Old Rim Repairs, The Other Good Condition.





Price:  $280.00
Stock Number: CD980


An Early 20thC Buchanan & Brothers Trapezium Shape Biscuit Tin With Hinged And Pierced Suspension Plate, Simulated Wood Grain Finish Featuring Mahogany Cover And Sheraton Inspired Marquetry Inlaid Sides.
186mm Wide x 142mm Wide x275mm High (Back Up) x 170mm High (Back Down)
Weathered But Undamaged Functional Condition.






Price:  $165.00
Stock Number: Z279


A Fabulous Late 17thC English Carved Oak Pilaster Formed As A Bearded Figure Above Mask,
Fruit And Thistle.
479mm High.
Circa 1680.
Traces Of Old Wood Worm, Now Long Defunct, Very Decorative.





Price:  $685.00
Stock Number: Y93



A Fabulous Late 17thC English Carved Oak Pilaster Formed As A Cherub Above Scrollwork And Fruit.
453mm High.
Circa 1680.
Very Decorative.






Price:  $685.00
Stock Number: Y94



A Fabulous Late 17thC English Carved Oak Pilaster Formed As A Draped Man Clasping A Staff, Probably Of Biblical Inspiration.
406mm High.
Circa 1680.
Very Decorative.






Price:  $685.00
Stock Number: Y95



A Fabulous Late 17thC English Carved Oak Pilaster Formed As A Scantily Draped Man Clasping A Mallet, Perhaps Embematic Of Carpentry.
402mm High.
Circa 1680.






Price:  $685.00
Stock Number: Y96



A Pair Of Late 17thC English Carved Oak Panels, Formed As One, Carved With Draped Voluminous Lady Figures Framed With Leafy Scrollwork, One Holding Naked Children, Probably Emblematic Of Charity, The Other With Open Book And Long Quill, Possibly Emblematic Of Literature.
530mm x 239mm.
Circa 1680.
Excellent Condition, Extremely Decorative.





Price: $1,450.00
Stock Number: Y97



A Small George 111 Pewter Baluster Measure With Plain Scroll Handle, The Rim Stamped 1/12 Pint.
55mm High.
Circa 1820.
Good Condition, Lovely Colour, Small Dings And Knocks Commensurate With Age.





Price:  $85.00
Stock Number: Z358



A Small George 111 Pewter Baluster Measure With Plain Scroll Handle, The Rim With Indecipherable Marks.
48mm High.
Circa 1820.
Good Condition, Lovely Colour, Small Dings And Knocks Commensurate With Age.






Price:  $65.00
Stock Number: Z359



A Small George 111 Pewter Baluster Measure With Plain Scroll Handle, The Body Stamped 1/4 Gill
48mm High.
Circa 1820.
Rim Repair, Misshapen Foot Rim, Good Original Colour, Weighted For Some Reason - Feels Like A Little Canon Ball In The Hand.






Price:  $65.00
Stock Number: Z360



A Small George 111 Pewter Baluster Measure With Plain Scroll Handle, The Rim With Indecipherable Marks
61mm High.
Circa 1820.
A Chunk Of The Footrim Missing, Lovely Colour.






Price:  $65.00
Stock Number: Z361



A Small George 111 Pewter Tappit Hen Measure With Double Scroll Handle, The Rim With Indecipherable Mars.
48mm High.
Circa 1820.
Good Condition, Lovely Colour, Small Dings And Knocks Commensurate With Age, Lacks Cover.






Price:  $35.00
Stock Number: Z362



A William IV Pewter Narrow Baluster Quart Mug With Double Scroll Handle, Girdle And Domed Circular Foot; The Rim With Makers Touch Marks For Yates & Birch Of Birmingham
164mm High.
Circa 1835.
Good Condition, Uneven Colour.






Price:  $165.00
Stock Number: Z364



An Early Victorian Pewter Inkwell With Everted Rim And 5 Pierced Quill Apertures: Lacks Liner.
96mm Diameter x 54mm High.
Circa 1850.
The Rim A Little Misshapen.





Price:  $65.00
Stock Number: Z366



A Victorian Circular Pewter Chamber Candlestick With Beaded Edges And Handle With Thumbpiece; Bears Makers Mark For "James Dixon & Sons Sheffield."
133mm Diameter.
Circa 1860.
Good Condition, Wear And Tear Commensurate With Age.





Price:  $50.00
Stock Number: CD896



A Good Victorian Tin Lined Copper Oval Jelly Mould With Overlapping Coin Top, Stepped Fluted Sides And Plain Base; Stamped Benham & Froud Orb And Cross Marks.
171mm Wide x 116mm Deep x 90mm High.
Circa 1850
Excellent Condition.


Benham & Froud c1855-1924, flourished at Chandos St, London, described in the local registry as general metal workers, art metal workers and lamp manufacturers. The famous 'orb' was adopted because the firm made the present cross on the dome of St Paul's Cathedral in 1821 and it could be seen from the shop in London. An orb may also have been used by other makers. Interestingly, it also represents and inverted 'ankh', the Greek symbol for copper.

The following brief notes are derived from work by John Hardcastle:

In 1785 John Kepp set up as a coppersmith and brazier in Chandos Street, London. Around 1818 the company was in the names of Richard and Edward Kepp. In 1821 they made the replacement orb and cross for St. Pauls Cathedral 23ft high and weighing seven tons. The orb and cross trademark was used from 1855 to 1924. In 1855 the company was taken over by Herbert Augustus Benham, Joseph Froud and four others, becoming known as Benham & Froud. In 1906 it was reformed as Herbert Benham & Co. in Marlborough Mews, Great Marlborough Street London W., moving to Ramillies Place, London in 1920 and not found in directories after 1924.






Price:  $480.00
Stock Number: Z433



An Unusual Victorian Tinned Copper Oval Jelly Mould With Domed Top Featuring Interlocking Design Above Castelated Lobed Sides; Numbered "2" And Stamped "CM 192 1/2."
Circa 1880.
Excellent Condition






Price:  $380.00
Stock Number: Z436



A Victorian Lignum Vitae Treen Tobacco Jar And Cover With Turned Finial, Gadrooned Edge And Spiral Twist Carved Cylindrical Body With Old Baized Base.
200mm High x 123mm Diameter.
Circa 1880.
Excellent Condition, Fabulously Weighty, Snug Cover, Lovely Dark Colour With The Beginnings Of Patination, Stylish Form.




Price:  $785.00
Stock Number: Z265



A Victorian Oak Treen Carved Tobacco Jar And Cover With Finial, Shaped Octagonal Domed Cover, Pineapple Carved Cylindrical Body, Pedestal Base And Circular Foot; Complete With Original Internal Lead Weight.
265mm High x Base Diameter 114mm.
Circa 1880.
Excellent Condition, Make A Great Stash Jar, Too Small For Ruatoria.





Price:  $865.00
Stock Number: Z266



A Stylish Elizabeth II Circular Horn Bon Bon Dish With Raised Sterling Silver Base.
105mm Diameter x 456mm High.
London 2001,
Braybrook & Britten.
Excellent Condition.




Price:  $365.00
Stock Number: Z245



An Extremely Stylish 19thC Swedish Chandelier With Bronze Metal Frame Featuring Scroll Nozzles And Masks, The Suspended Cut Crystal Drops Forming A Canopy Above Tapering Central Section And Circular Base With Swags.
Approximately 810mm High Excluding Suspension Chain x 630mm Diameter At Widest Point.
Circa 1850.
Fitted For Electricity Around 1900, Recently Rewired And Fully Functioning.
Exquisite! Apologies For Images, Very Difficult To Shoot, You Need To See It In The Flesh!





Price:  $12,650.00
Stock Number: W660


A Particularly Attractive 19thC Scottish Carved Treen Quaich With Star Cut Base, Interlocking Celtic Type Carved Sides And Shaped Handles Featuring Pierced Hearts.
150mm Wide x 70mm Deep x 40mm High.
Circa 1850.
Very Nice!




Price:  $385.00
Stock Number: Z301


A 19thC Continental Turned Fruitwood Mortar And Pestle, The Mortar With Slightly Lipped Rim, Ribbed Shoulder And Reeded Domed Circualr Foot, The Pestle With Knob Handle And Well Worn Terminal.
The Mortar 127mm Diameter x 110mm High, The Pestle 193mm Long.
Circa 1850.
The Base With Early Stable Cracks, The Pestle With Lovely Handle Patination.




Price:  $685.00
Stock Number: Z225


A Most Attractive Pair Of Victorian Treen Turned Oak Spill Vases Of Tapering Form With Everted Rims And Domed Feet.
166mm High.
Circa 1880.
Small Imperfection To Bottom Of Stem To One, These Are Not Watertight,




Price:  $245.00
Stock Number: Z234


A Spectacular French Art Nouveau Gilded Bronze Art Nouveau Belt Buckle Cast With A Profile Bust Of A Maiden, Applied High Relief Flowering Foliage And A Dragonfly To The Rim.
85mm Wide x 70mm Deep.
Circa 1900.
Excellent Condition.




Price: $650.00
Stock Number: CD916


A George III Scottish Documentary Broad Rim Circular Ecclesiastical Alms Dish, The Folded Rim Engraved
370mm Diameter.
Circa 1763

Much Used, Good Original Condition.

A William Ballantyne, Pewterer, Is Recorded As Working In Edinburgh In The Mid 18thC.

A Communion Cup In The National Museums Of Scotland Collection Has These Notes:

"This pewter communion cup is from the Associate Congregation Church of East Barns in East Lothian. It dates from 1781.

The inscription on the cup reads 'Belonging to the Associate Congregation of East Barns 1781'.

The Associate Congregation was one of the groups that broke from the established Church of Scotland at the original secession in 1733. Secessions and the Disruption of 1843 increased the need for communion cups, basins and lavers."

Elsewhere In Scottish Genealogy It Is Noted Of East Barns

"This congregation originated with members of the second congregation of Haddington, resident in Innerwick and adjoining parishes who applied to the General Associate Anti-burgher Presbytery to be formed into a separate congregation, which was done in 1760. They erected a place of worship at Eastbarns, a village 3 miles east of Dunbar, where they continued until 1820, when, finding most of their members’ resident in the town of Dunbar, they erected a place of worship in Dunbar and removed there."





Price: $1,250.00
Stock Number: Y410


A George III Copper Lined Horn Beaker With Beaded Rim.
99mm High.
Circa 1800.
The Folded Copper Rim A Little Worn In Places, Beautifylly Figured Horn.




Price:  $245.00
Stock Number: Z235



A Victorian Silvered Nickel Desk Seal With Double Matrix.
70mm Long.
Circa 1880.



Price:  $285.00
Stock Number: Z241



A Large George III Scottish Provincial Sterling Silver Mounted Cowrie Shell Snuff Box, The Hinged Lid Engraved "RB to JB."
95mm Wide x 62mm Deep.
Circa 1780.
Makers Mark Only, Possibly That Of James Smith, Aberdeen.
The Mount A Little Loose, One End Plug Missing, The Shell Pretty Good Condition.





Price:  $850.00
Stock Number: Z267



A Charming Victorian Burr Elm Circular Snuff Box With Lift Off Cover Mounted With A Silver Crest Of A Wild Boar Beneath A Tree And Above A Torse.
88mm Diameter.
Circa 1840
Excellent Condition.




Price:  $485.00
Stock Number: Z224


An Old Papua New Guinea Dogs Tooth Necklace Formed From Over 100 Teeth Pierced And Strung On A Fibre Cord With To Be Expected Wear And Tear.
Circa 1900.
Good Condition.



Price:  $650.00
Stock Number: Z303


 A Very Stylish And Sleek Mid Century Shagreen Cigarette Case - Not Much Good For Fags But One Could Imagine Another Use.
88mm Wide x 63mm Deep.
Circa 1950.
Good Condition.




Price:  $125.00
Stock Number: Z300


 A Very Nice Small Proportion George III Mahogany Cutlery Tray With Shaped Rim, Exposed Dovetails  And Divided Interior With Pierced Handle.
340mm Wide x 225mm Deep x 125mm High.
Circa 1800.
Small Chip To One Corner, Lovely Patination And Colour.




Price:  $465.00
Stock Number: Z233



A Fabulous George III Early 19thC Gilt Metal Vinaigrette Mounted With Chamfered Agate Slabs, The Top Of Particularly Nice Colour, The Internal Grill Engraved And Pierced.
46mm Wide x 35mm Deep x 19mm High.
Excellent Condition.






Price: $485.00
Stock Number: Z212


A 19thC Silver Mounted Bears Claw Brooch.
Approximately 90mm Across Tip To Opposing Corner.
Circa 1850.
Good Condition.




Price: $365.00
Stock Number: Z308



A Small Victorian Circular Treen Pill Box, The Screw On Cover With Tunbridge Style Inlay.
31mm Diameter x 15mm High.
Circa 1880.
Good Used Condition.




Price: $120.00
Stock Number: CD913



A Monumental Late 17thC Carved Oak Figure Of A Classical Male Figure With Long Wavy Hair, Outstretched Arms And Fingers And Naked Feet Surfacing From A Draped Robe; On 19thC Ebonised And Fluted Pedestal Stand.
1400cm High x 500cm Wide, The Base 380cm Diameter x 965cm High.
Circa 1700.
Excellent Carving, Fabulous Colour And Patination, If You’re After A Significant Statement You Need Look No Further. Gorgeous!




Price: $29,500.00
Stock Number: CD956



A Superb Continental Late 17thC Pierced And Carved Fruitwood Seal Featuring Scantily Draped Amorini With Bows, Arrows And Quivers, The Terminal Intaglio Carved With An Armorial Device Incorporating Initials And A Double Headed Eagle.
102mm Long.
Circa 1700.
Fabulous Colour And Patination, Excellent Condition, Worthy Of A Connoisseur.





Price: $1,850.00
Stock Number: Y324


An 18thC Engraving Of Cupid Tying The Legs Of A Supine Putti.
176mm x 227mm Dimensions Of Frame
Modern Gilded Frame.
Attributed To Piranesi On Reverse.




Price:  $145.00
Stock Number: X114


A Small 18thC Engraving Of Seated Cupid With Martial Trophys.
187mm x 217mm Dimensions Of Modern Gilt Frame




Price:  $145.00
Stock Number: X115


A Small 18thC Engraving Of Winged And Draped Putti With Wreaths.
186mm x 196mm Dimensions Of Modern Frame



Price:  $45.00
Stock Number: X116


An Antique Engraving Of Seated Naked Characters With Lions And Lioness, After Parmigianino.
182mm x 245mm Dimensions Of Modern Frame.




Price:  $65.00
Stock Number: X117



An Extremely Rare Victorian "Castle Top" Tortoiseshell Card Case Moulded Both Sides In High Relief With, Respectively, The Façade Of Newstead Abbey, Swans In A Lake Before, The Ancestral Home Of Home Of Lord Byron And Abbotsford House, Both Within Borders Of Scrolling Foliage; Blank Applied White Metal Cartouche To The Cover.
105mm x 82mm.
Circa 1850.
Small Losses To The Silver Stringing, Tiny Loss To Tortoiseshell Above The Hinge, The Hinge A Little Loose, Tiny Loss To Interior Ivory Fascia, The Tortoiseshell Relief Decoration In Excellent Condition.





Price: $1,250.00
Stock Number: Z171



A Small Late 19thC  Cold Painted Bronze Figure Of A Dog, Forepaws Down, Arched Back  Long Tail And With Ruffled Collar.
44mm Long x 33mm High To Top Of Tail.
Probably Viennese, Circa 1900.
Is This A Pekinese?




Price: $160.00
Stock Number: CD914


A Small Victorian Octagonal Agate Bowl With Faceted Sides, Even Grey Colour With A Rust Colour Inclusion.
64mm Wide x 29mm High.
Excellent Condition, Nice And Weighty In The Hand.




Price: $380.00
Stock Number: Z172


An Early 19thC Marine Ivory Pipe Tamper Carved As A Leg With Lace Up Boot, The Top Cross-Hatched.
50mm Long.
Circa 1800.
Excellent Condition



Price: $245.00
Stock Number: Z180


A Late Victorian Shaped Wood Childs Shoe Last With Metal Mounts - Stamped And Stencilled Numbers.
163mm Long.
Circa 1890.
Good Condition.




Price:  $60.00
Stock Number: CD866


A George IV Scottish Baluster 1 Gill Measure With Hinged Cover, Thumbpiece And Double Scroll Handle, The Rim With Various Touchmarks, The Lid Marked "GILL IMPERIAL A RAMAGE 1826."
90mm High.
Circa 1826.
Great Original Condition With Knocks And Scuffs Commensurate With Age.
A Ramage Is Recorded As Working In Edinburgh From 1812-1850.






Price:  $120.00
Stock Number: CD892


Here's A Great Piece Of Kitchenalia, A Late Victorian Tinned Basting Spoon With Moulded Curvilinear Ornament And Hole For Suspension.
342mm Long.
Circa 1900.




Price:  $35.00
Stock Number: CD894


A George III Oval Enamel Patch Box Of Typical Form With Well Oxidised Copper Hinge And Mount, Cover Inscribed "A Friends Gift" And Turquoise Base.
44mm Wide x 36mm Deep x 24mm High.
Circa 1780.
The Cover Cracked, The Interior Mirror Cracked,





Price:  $65.00
Stock Number: Y221


A Charming 18thC English, Bilston, Enamel Snuff Box Of Typical Oval Form With Blue Base, Metal Mounts And White Cover Decorated With A Fisherman And The Motto "No Toil is Pain When Love's The Gain."
40mm Wide.
Circa 1770.
Couple Of Large Chips To Cover And Also To Base. Great Subject!.




Price:  $165.00
Stock Number: CD800


A Good Looking Georgian Oval Horn Snuff Box With Slip On Cover Decorated With Inlaid Mother-Of-Pearl Featuring An Insect And Flowering Foliage.
110mm Wide x 70mm Deep x 36mm High.
Circa 1820.
Excellent Condition.






Price:  $285.00
Stock Number: Z85


An Early Victorian Fruitwood Hinged Rectangular Snuff Box With Finely Cross Hatched Sides, The Penwork Cover Minutely Observed With A Horse Drawn Coach, Coachmen And Passengers In A Country Landscape Under A Fair Sky, The Coach Emblazoned "London Exeter Barber & Co Wellington."
81mm Wide x 40mm Deep x 21mm High.
Circa 1850.
This Is A Very Nice Box! The Hinge Is Deficient So That The Cover Totally Detaches When Opened. Priced Accordingly.





Price:  $285.00
Stock Number: CD802


A Late 19thC Sino-Tibetan Cast Bronze Figure Of Manjusri Seated In Dhyanasana, The Left Hand In Vitarka Mudra, The Right Hand Holding A Sword, On Double Lotus Throne, The Base With Stamped Symbol Mark.
215mm High.
Circa 1900.
Excellent Condition.





Price: $1,450.00
Stock Number: Y239


A Large Early 20thC Double Leaf Form Brass Belt Buckle With Turquoise Chip Inlaid Surface.
114mm Wide.
Circa 1900.
Pencilled On Reverse 3/-.
Good Condition, Good Looking.





Price:  $120.00
Stock Number: CD820


An Early 20thC Celluloid Mock Tortoiseshell Cigarette Case.
81mm x 79mm.
Circa 1920.
Immaculate Condition.



Price:  $65.00
Stock Number: CD792


A Charming Litlle Late Victorian Turned Wood Pill Box With Domed Cover Painted With Holly, A Robin And "A Joyous Christmas."
33mm Diameter.
Excellent Condition




Price:  $35.00
Stock Number: CD799


An 18thC Dutch Engraved Brass Hinged Oval Tobacco Box Decorated With Biblical Scenes Including Text - Probably Of Noah's Ark Inspiration.
130mm Wide.
Circa 1750.
Excellent Original Condition, Minor Loss To The Hinge Pin.






Price: $650.00
Stock Number: Y442


A 19thC European White Metal Circular Medallion Modelled In Relief With The Madonna And Child Christ, Both Crowned, Flanked By Script, Within A Soft Wood Frame Carved With A Crowned Eagle With Outstretched Wings And Pronounced Talons.
220mm High x 132mm Wide.
Probably Central European, Possibly Polish.
Circa 1880.
Small Damage To Wing Extremities.




Price: $220.00
Stock Number: W685


An Excellent Victorian Mother-Of-Pearl Inlaid Rectangular Tortoiseshell Card Case Decorated Both Sides With Flowering Foliage, The Cover With Silver Escutcheon Monogramed "SB."
890mm High x 65mm Wide.
These Things Almost Invariably Have Condition Issues - This One Doesn't, Immaculate Original Condition!




Price:  $285.00
Stock Number: CD791


A 19thC European, Probably Italian, Souvenir Tortoiseshell Mandolin With Abalone Inlaid Border And Bone Fretboard And Tuning Pegs.
135mm Long.
Circa 1900.
OK Condition, 2 Pegs Missing.





Price: $65.00
Stock Number: Y413


A 19thC Maritime Wood Case Compass With Domed Cover, The Paper Dial With A Fleur De Lys.
145mm Diameter x 128mm High.
In Good Original Untouched Condition.




Price: $650.00
Stock Number: Y422


An Incomplete Set Of 19thC Brass Troy Cup Weights Comprising Of The Two Large Outer Weights Of 16 Troy Oz And 8 Troy Oz, Each Appropriately Stamped.
71mm Diameter x 44mm High.
Circa 1860.
Good Unpolished Original Condition - A Nice Desk Weight





Price: $85.00
Stock Number: Y399


A Victorian Mahogany Weight Box With Moulded Edge, Hinged Cover, Functiioning Clasp And Fitted Interior With A Quantity Of Various Victorian Weights.
The Box 203mm Wide x 100mm Deep x 30mm Deep.
The Box With Nice Original Colour.





Price: $120.00
Stock Number: Y403


A Victorian Mini Brass Telescope Single Pull Telescope.
109mm Extended.
Circa 1850.
Lens Cracked.




Price: $65.00
Stock Number: Y407


A 19thC Grand Tour Bronze Figure Of A Near 850.850. Naked Male Athlete With Outstretched Arms On A Sphere Above A Circular Stepped Oak Base.
193mm Wide x 175 High.
Indecipherable Signature.
Circa 1850.
Good Condition.





Price: $480.00
Stock Number: Y351


A Large 19thC Chinese Sectional Carved Rootwood Figure Of A Fisherman And Companion, The Rootwood Forming The Hat, Garments And Base, Faces And Limbs Carved, The Larger Older Figure With A Cheerful Countenance, His Younger Companion With A Similarly Happy Expression.
950mm High To Top Of Head (Excluding Fishing Rod) x 550mm Wide At Widest Point Of Base.
Circa 1880.

Provenance : Perrine Moncrief

For nearly 50 years Perrine Moncrieff was this country's foremost female conservationist. Born into an upper-class British family, she immigrated to New Zealand in 1921, settled in Nelson and bought land on the shores of Tasman Bay, which became a scenic reserve in the 1930s. In 1942, to celebrate the three-hundredth anniversary of the discovery of New Zealand by Abel Tasman, the reserve was designated as Abel Tasman National Park. This was Moncrieff's greatest conservation achievement. She served on the park board until being required to stand down at age 81. A founding member of the New Zealand Native Bird Protection Society (1923) and the New Zealand Ornithological Society (1940), she campaigned successfully for reservation of land at Lake Rotoroa and Maruia Springs, and for designation of Farewell Spit as a bird sanctuary. She also donated a large area of coastal bush at Okiwi to the Crown as a reserve. Her popular guide to the identification of New Zealand birds, published in 1925, was a standard reference for some 40 years. She was an honorary wildlife ranger for 15 years, tramped extensively in the Nelson region and elsewhere in the South Island, and she wrote many articles at home and abroad. (See also her biography on the Dictionary of New Zealand Biography website.)






Price: $2,850.00
Stock Number: CD695


A Victorian Copper Pot With Cover, Heavy Duty Side Lifting Handles, Exposed Rivets And Seam.
205mm High x 232mm Diameter
Circa 1850.
Good Well Used Condition.



Price: $220.00
Stock Number: X147


A Georgian Pewter Baluster 1/2 Pint Measure With Capped Double Scroll Handle And Spreading Circular Foot.
78mm High.
Circa 1830.
Touch Marks, Mishapen Rim, Original Condition With Good Colour, Cheap.





Price: $45.00
Stock Number: Y342


An Exceptionally Large Victorian Beech Butter Mould Of Conventional Form With The Scots Thistle Carved Mould Encased Within An Outer Cylinder.
132mm Diameter x 137mm High.
Circa 1860.
Excellent Condition With Traces Of Old Defunct Borer And A Shallow Totally Stable Crack.This Is Really Large, Never Seen One This Size.





Price: $465.00
Stock Number: Y329


An Early 19thC Dollond Brass And Mahogany 3 Pull Navigational Achromatic Telescope.
648mm Extended.
Stamped "Dollond London Day Or Night."
Circa 1820.
Well Patinated Condition, Lacks Lens And Eye Covers So Modestly Priced.
Dollond Are Recognised As Being Makers Of Fine Quality Telescopes.





Price: $185.00
Stock Number: Y348


A Rare Pair Of George III 18thC Squat Brass Candlesticks With Knopped Stems And Spreading Shaped Circular Feet; Faint Seams.
140mm High.
Circa 1760.
Good Condition.





Price: $465.00
Stock Number: Y349


Hall Thorpe, Australian, 1874-1947.
A Pair Of Coloured Art Deco Woodblock Prints Featuring Yellow Cowslips In A Grey Vase And Primulas In A Blue Vase.
190mm x 170mm
Ebonised Frames.
Both Signed Bottom Right.

John Hall Thorpe (29 April 1874 – 8 October 1947), invariably known as Hall Thorpe, was an Australian artist who achieved considerable success in England with his decorative prints of flowers, fruit and landscapes.
Thorpe was born in Sandridge, Victoria and when quite young the family moved to New South Wales, finally settled in Sydney, where he was educated at St John's Grammar School, Parramatta. He studied at the Society of Arts and was briefly employed at the Illustrated Sydney News. He learned the trade or craft of woodblock engraving as an apprentice on John Fairfax's Sydney Mail from 1891. When zinc replaced wood as the engraving medium, he became a staff artist, succeeding Norman Hardy as their principal artist in 1897.He was a member of the (Sydney) Society of Artists, and showed successfully alongside the likes of G. W. Lambert, Sid Long, Dattilo-Rubbo, J. S. Watkins, Edith Loudon, Mildred Rivett, Tom Roberts, W. F. Hughes, C. Lloyd Jones and Howard Ashton.

In 1898 he had several paintings shown at the Grafton Galleries' "Exhibition of Australian Art" in London, and in May 1900 left for England, his position on the Mail having become tenuous with the advent of photo-engraving.He attended Heatherley’s School of Art and developed a distinctive style of colored woodcut prints. He exhibited at the Royal Academy's Colonial Exhibition in 1906 alongside Arthur Streeton, G. W. Lambert, Albert Tucker, Edith Lumley and Hayley Lever. A breakthrough came when he received a favorable notice from eminent critic M. Camille Mauclair. Around this time he changed direction and resuscitated his hard-won skills as a woodblock engraver, producing the large, bold bright colorful prints for which he became famous. One of these, A Country Bunch, at 25 by 30 inches (64 by 76 cm) was possibly the largest woodblock color art print ever published. He took control of the whole process; engraving, printing and publishing from his studio at 36 Redcliffe Square, and gallery at 32 Sussex Place, South Kensington, and the results found their way into many homes on both sides of the Atlantic, as well as art collections of the Contemporary Art Society, British Royalty, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. The response to his designs could by summarised by a couple of American critics:

"They are not great works of art; they are intimate pictures. They sing out from a white wall, recalling a walk through a garden or a day with Nature" and "His work is consistent in its dignity, its strength, and its happy related colour ... He is never abstruse nor exaggerated, but he emphasises the grace of forms and the joyousness of pure fresh colour."

Thorpe became a household name in the field of home decoration and was a strong influence on fashions in wallpaper design. Over time his work fell out of fashion but a revival from the 1980s has renewed interest in his work.

He caught pneumonia and died at Bexhill-on-Sea in 1947.





Price: $1,250.00
Stock Number: Y244


A Charming Pair Of Late Victorian Gilt Metal Water Nymph Figures With Entwined Leaf Headdresses, Each Clutching A Cornucopia And Raised On A Rectangular Rouge Marble Plinth Base.
90mm Wide x 62mm Deep x 95mm High.
Circa 1900.
Excellent Condition





Price: $780.00
Stock Number: Y230


An 18th Century Dutch Brass And Copper Shaped Rectangular Hinged Tobacco Box, The Well Patinated Cover And Base Engraved With Well Worn Scenes Of Biblical Inspiration Including Christ With Cross On The Road To Calvary Together With Dutch Script.
134mm Wide x 59mm Deep x 44mm High.
OK Condition With Couple Of Pin Prick Holes And Old Leaded Repair To The Interior.





Price: $385.00
Stock Number: Y237


A Plain George III Mahogany Truncheon With Ring Turned Handle.
434mm Long.
Circa 1800.
Brilliant Colour.



Price: $380.00
Stock Number: Y179


A 19thC Builders Boxwood Two Fold 24 Inch Ruler With Brass Mounts And Iron Tips: Stamped "Sampson Aston Maker Birm* Warranted Best Box."
Excellent Original Untouched Condition.




Price: $160.00
Stock Number: Y304


A Set Of Victorian Brass Postal Scales And Weights On Mahogany And Ebony Stained Base.
168mm Wide x 102mm Deep x 98mm High.
Circa 1890.
Complete Weights, Original Untouched Grubby Condition.




Price: $120.00
Stock Number: Y306


An Elegant Victorian Sprung Brass Letter Clip Modelled As A Well Defined Hand Featuring Knuckles, Ring And A Braceleted Cuff On A Textured Plate.
132mm Long.
Circa 1870.
Excellent Condition With Firm Sprung Mechanism.


Price: $260.00
Stock Number: W868


An Elegant Victorian Sprung Nickle Plated Letter Clip Modelled As A Well Defined Hand Featuring Nails, Knuckles, And A Braceleted Cuff On A Textured Iron Plate.
109mm Long.
Circa 1870.
The Plate Marked "The City Clip JW&Co Ltd London."
Excellent Condition With Wear Commensurate With Age.


Price: $180.00
Stock Number: W870


An Elegant Small Victorian Sprung Brass Letter Clip Modelled As A Well Defined Hand Featuring Nails, Knuckles, Ring And A Braceleted Cuff On A Textured Plate
82mm Long.
Circa 1870.
Excellent Condition With Firm Spring.


Price: $120.00
Stock Number: W880


An Elegant Small Victorian Sprung Gilt Metal Letter Clip Modelled As A Well Defined Hand Featuring Nails, Knuckles, Ring And A Braceleted Cuff On A Textured Plate.
97mm Long.
Circa 1870.
Excellent Condition With Firm Spring.


Price: $80.00
Stock Number: W883


An Elegant Victorian Sprung Brass Letter Clip Modelled As A Well Defined Hand Featuring Nails, Knuckles, Ring And A Braceleted Cuff On A Textured Plate.
133mm Long.
Circa 1870.
Excellent Condition With Firm Functioning Spring.


Price: $180.00
Stock Number: W875


At Victorian Sprung Brass Letter Clip Modelled As A Hand Featuring A Cuff On A Plain Plate.
131mm Long.
Circa 1870.
Good Condition With Firm Spring.


Price: $120.00
Stock Number: W876


An Elegant Victorian Painted Metal Small Sprung Letter Clip Modelled As A Well Defined Hand Featuring Nails, Ring And A Braceleted Cuff On A Textured Plate.
93mm Long.
Circa 1870.
The Paint Worn, Firm Spring.


Price: $60.00
Stock Number: W882


A Most Decorative Victorian Sprung Cast Brass Letter Clip Modelled In Relief With The Royal Arms, The Registration Date For 1843 And Makers Mark Of Merry, Phipson & Parkers With Hobnail Back Plate.
181mm Long.
Excellent Condition.


Price: $320.00
Stock Number: X450


An Early 19thC Continental, Probably Swiss, Treen Screw Action Nut Cracker Carved As A Scowling Gentleman Wearing A Jacket And Hat.
140mm Long.
Circa 1830.
Small Losses To Terminal, Stable Splits Along The Grain, Great Colour.



Price: $580.00
Stock Number: Y57


An Early Victorian Burr Elm Puzzle Snuff Box Of Rounded Rectangular Form With Double Swivelling Top And Button Agate Pin.
108mm x 54mm x 31mm.
Circa 1840.
Excellent Condition, Great Patination.


Price: $380.00
Stock Number: Y195


A Victorian Mahogany Puzzle Snuff Box Of Rectangular Boat Form With Double Swivelling Lid, Metal Pin And Boxwood Cross.
99mm Wide x 38mm Deep x 55mm high.
Circa 1850.
Excellent Original Condition.



Price: $280.00
Stock Number: Y196


A Victorian Mahogany Writing Slope With Simulated Brass Mounts And Brass Escutcheon.
294mm Wide x 198mm Deep x 106mm High.
Circa 1860.
Lacks Key, Good Condition, Knocks And Scuffs Commensurate With Age.





Price: $180.00
Stock Number: CD731


A Roman Bronze Mask Of The God Cupid With Round Cherub Like Features, Probably A Furniture Mount.
42mm Wide x 40mm Across.
Circa 150 AD
Excellent Condition, Good Green Patina, Good Facial And Hair Details.
Provenance : English Private Collection.




Price: $850.00
Stock Number: Y126


A Roman Bronze Phallus.
47mm Long.
Circa 100 AD.
Good Condition, Lacks Suspension Loop.
Provenance : Purchased On The European Market In The 1930s.




Price: $380.00
Stock Number: Y176


A Small Viking Medieval Period Bronze Cruciform Pendant With Suspension Ring.
33mm Long x 26mm Wide.
Circa 1100 AD.
Good Well Condition.




Price: $240.00
Stock Number: Y177


A Very Smart Early Victorian Tortoiseshell Sewing Box Of Shaped Rectangular Form With Hinged Top, Ivory Mounted Vacant Interior With Mirror, Shield Shape Nickel Silver Escutcheon Engraved "Maggie Clow Aug 3 1865," Nickel Silver Escutcheon And Raised Squat Bun Feet.
225mm Wide x 165mm Deep x 115mm High.
The Lock Lacking, The Interior Formerly With A Lift Out Tray, Original Brass Hinges, An Old Repair To The Reverse, Very Attractive Well Figured Tortoiseshell Which Is Essentially In Good Condition With Very Good Colour.






Price: $1,750.00
Stock Number: CD727


A Victorian Pond Yacht, The Elfin, Planked With Keel And Fully Rigged With Original Hardware; Additional Rigging In Canvas Bag, Rudimentary Stand.
1435mm Wide x 310mm Deep x 1680mm High.
Circa 1900.








Price: $1,250.00
Stock Number: Y55



A Massive Victorian Copper Stewing Pot With Cover With Two Handles And Further Handles To The Body With Exposed Rivets.
313mm High x 300mm Diameter.
Circa 1850.
Excellent Well Used Condition.






Price: $450.00
Stock Number: X146


A George III Late 18thC Horn And Brass Oval Eye Glass, The Brass Mounted Pinned Glass With Swivel Action.
59mm Wide x 52mm Deep.
Circa 1790,
The Glass Scratched, Otherwise Excellent Original Condition.





Price: $240.00
Stock Number: Y100


A Victorian Walnut Octagonal Snuff Box With Unusual Sliding Action.
67mm Long.
Circa 1850.
Excellent Original Condition.






Price: $220.00
Stock Number: Y101


A Victorian Navette Shape Treen Puzzle Snuff Box With Double Sliding Pinned Cover Enclosing An Interior With A Puzzle Written On Paper.
97mm Wide x 47mm Deep x 29mm High.
Circa 1860.
Excellent Original Untouched Condition.






Price: $220.00
Stock Number: Y102


A 19thC Treen Turned Cherry Wood Cup On Squat Pedestal And Domed Circular Base.
101mm High.
Good Condition.


Price: $120.00
Stock Number: F604


A Victorian Treen Turned Fruitwood Cylindrical 2 Section Cannister With Screw Thread; Retains Original Glass Bottle.
57mm Diameter x 110mm High.
Circa 1860.
Excellent Condition.



Price: $160.00
Stock Number: N610


A Victorian Fruitwood Treen 2 Section Barrel Shape Cannister With Twist Action Cover.
44mm Diameter x 73mm High.
Circa 1860.
Couple Of Minor Rim Nibbles Otherwise Great Condition With Good Colour.


Price: $125.00
Stock Number: Y115


An Unusual 19thC Japanese Pierced Wood Knife Block Decorated In Low Relief With An Enchanting Gold Lacquered Cicada, The Block With 8 Steel Bladed Knives With Carved Ivory Handles; One Knife A 19thC English Replacement.
The Block 118mm Wide x 57mm Deep x 131mm High, The Knives About 206mm Long.
Circa 1900.
Good Condition, The Knife Handles With To Be Expected Cracks, The Blades Clean And Very Sharp.



Price: $480.00
Stock Number: X301


A George III 1 Quart Baluster Pewter Tankard With Cappped Double Scroll Handle And Domed Spreading Circular Foot; Mongogramed And With Owners Name Under - Not Deciphered.
162mm High.
Circa 1820.
Grubby Original Condition With Slightly Misshapen Rim.



Price: $160.00
Stock Number: X137


A Victorian Pint Baluster Mug With Capped Double Scroll Handle And Domed Circular Foot; Various Touch Marks
118mm High.
Circa 1850.
Grubby Original Condition.




Price: $80.00
Stock Number: X139


An Edwardian Pint Baluster Mug With Capped Double Scroll Handle.
122mm High.
Circa 1910.
The Rim A Bit Misshapen.



Price: $40.00
Stock Number: X140


An Early 20thC Pint Pewter Mug Of Tapering Cylindrical Form With Plain Handle.
125mm High
Circa 1920.



Price: $20.00
Stock Number: X142


A 20thC Half Pint Tapering Cylindrical Pewter Mug Inscribed "Londonderry Cup 1961-62 International Sportmens Club."
95mm High.



Price: $30.00
Stock Number: X143


A Pair Of Victorian 3 Piece Copper And Brass Ice Cream Moulds With Fitted Lid, Copper Strap Handle And Removable Brass Base.
Each Piece With Stamped Makers Mark For "James Bros Down St W."
112mm High.
Circa 1870.
Good Condition.

After Freezing The Ice Cream Mix In The Mould By Removing The Brass Foot The Ice Cream Bombe Is Released.

Traditional English three-piece ice cream bombe mold with fitted lid and copper strap handle with attached copper ring, and brass removable bottom. After freezing the ice cream mixture in the mold, by removing the brass foot the ice cream bombe is released. Stamped to both the mould and lid “Jones Bros, Down St, W” for its maker. They were considered good quality ironmongers from c. 1832- c 1900.

c. 1860


Price: $450.00
Stock Number: X246


A Victorian Rectangular Brass Hinged Snuff Box With Inset Green Agate Cover And Base.
72mm Wide x 51mm Deep x 21mm High.
Circa 1860.
A Small Repair To The Base Agate, Otherwise Good Condition, Gorgeous Colour.


Price: $185.00
Stock Number: X481


A Pair Of Early 18thC English Seamed Brass Candlesticks With Ejector Holes, Multi Knop Stems And Domed Octagonal Bases.
181mm High.
Circa 1720.
One OK, The Other With Torn Foot; Modestly Priced For The Aficiando Who Is Quite Happy To Accept Visible Damage From Something Made About 50 Years Before Captain Cook Sighted These Shores.



Price: $240.00
Stock Number: X247


A Good George III Mahogany Cheese Coaster With Scroll Ends Featuring Carve Worls, Single Division And Original Brass Casters.
397mm Wide x 238mm Deep x 208mm High.
Circa 1800.
Couple Of Totally Stable Cracks, Very Good Colour.



Price: $1,650.00
Stock Number: V402


A Delightful 19thC Continental Gilt Bronze Figure Group Of Pugs, One Seated And His Companion On Haunches.
85mm Wide x 69mm High.
Circa 1900.
Excellent Condition


Price: $580.00
Stock Number: X80


A Rare Set Of 4 Victorian Milk Glass Ceiling Light Shades Painted With Roses And With Original Brass Fittings.
176mm diameter.
Circa 1900.
A rare survival.


Price: $500.00
Stock Number: S30


A fine and original George III mahogany cheese coaster of typical boat shaped form with scrolling ends, turned boss decoration and origianl brass casters - hardly ever do we find these with their original casters.
Superb original colour.
Circa 1810
39cm wide


Price: $1,950.00
Stock Number: CD218


A George III Sterling Silver Mounted Horn Beaker Engraved With Mounted Huntsmen, Hounds, Fox, Gate And Buildings In A Country Landscape; The Mounts Apparently Not Marked.
Circa 1800.
Not Marked.


Price: $460.00
Stock Number: X359


A Very Rare Late Victorian 9 Carat Gold Mounted Watch Case With Rococo Trellis Work To The Spandrels, Leather Case With Pull Out Easel With Gilt Tooled Label For "Wilson & Sharp Goldsmiths 139 Princes Street Edinburgh."
Full 9 Carat Gold Hallmarks For Birmingham 1900.
The Gold Case In Excellent Condition, Well Hinged With A Nice Crisp Action, A Little Minor Distress To The Velvet And Plush Lined Interior, An Ideal Case For An Heirloom Gold Watch.



Price: $850.00
Stock Number: W219


A Late Victorian Copper Framed Hexagonal Leaded Glass Hall Lantern With Pierced Rim And Base, Coloured Glass Panels And Original Suspension Chains.
230mm Wide x 327mm High.
Circa 1890.
One Glass Panel With Small Loss, One Small Section Of Rim Missing, When It's Hanging You Will Not Notice A Thing.


Price: $850.00
Stock Number: V635


A Pair Of George III Seamed Brass Ejector Candlesticks On Shaped Octagonal Bases; Lack Ejectors.
165mm High.
Circa 1780.


Price: $120.00
Stock Number: X394


A Single George III Tall Brass Candlestick with Multi-Knop Stem And Gadrooned Square Base With Sunken Well.
237mm High.
Circa 1765.
Good Condition


Price: $180.00
Stock Number: X395


An Exquisite Late 19thC Ivory Shoe Horn Of Typical Form.
191mm Long.
Gorgeous Matrix Grain, The Handle With Beginnings Of Patination, Excellent Condition.


Price: $140.00
Stock Number: X241


A Near Pair Of 19thC Continental Pewter Circular Bowls With Rolled Rims And Wide Everted Handles.
260mm Across The Handles.
Circa 1850



Price: $280.00
Stock Number: X392


A George III Pewter Plate With Flat Folded Rim; Touch Marks To Rear.
231mm Diameter.
A Bit Degraded.



Price: $35.00
Stock Number: T713


A Victorian Mahogany Travelling Hinged And Folding Combination Chess And Backgammon Board With Backgammon Counters.
256mm Wide x 245mm Deep Unfolded.
Lacks Clasp, A Bit Rough Showing Signs Of Age, Quite Functional.


Price: $80.00
Stock Number: S222


A Most Unusual Victorian Brass And Leather Bound Box With Blue Plush Lined Interior, Engraved Brass Mounts And Painted Porcelain Inset Top Formed As Pink Flowering Roses.
359mm Wide x 273mm Deep x 132mm High
Circa 1860.
Pretty Good Condition, One Section Of Rose Cracked.



Price: $650.00
Stock Number: F334


A Decorative 19th Century Continental, Probably German, Enamelled Iron Ink Stand, The Inkwell Formed As A Carved Wood Spaniel, With Original Glass Liner.
370mW x 303mD x 133mH
Canine lovers delight.


Price: $750.00
Stock Number: CD279


A Smart Victorian Rosewood Dome Top Stationery Box With Fitted Interior, Original Lock And Key; Bears Inset Brass Plaque For "Howell James & Co Regent Street London."
217mm Wide 115mm Deep x 162mm High.
Circa 1860.
Excellent Condition.

Howell James & Company were a firm of jewellers and silversmiths based in Regent Street in London which operated between 1819 and 1911.

The firm Howell and James was founded in 1819 by James Howell and Isaac James who were originally silk mercers and retail jewellers. The company had premises at 5, 7 and 9 Regent Street and was noted for the variety and quality of its stock. In 1838 James left the business and the partnership then became known as Howell James & Co. By 1865 the firm employed over 140 women, most of whom lived above the shop.[1]

The firm exhibited in London, at the Great Exhibition in 1851 and at the 1862 International Exhibition, and in Paris and the International Exposition of 1867. It sold items by students and designers of the South Kensington School.[2]



Price: $450.00
Stock Number: X340

A Victorian Bone And Ebony Complete 55 Tile Set Of Double Nine Dominoes.
Good Condition With Wear Commensurate With Age.




Price: $240.00

Stock Number: U189

A Victorian Bone And Ebony Complete 55 Tile Set Of Double Nine Dominoes.
Good Condition With Wear Commensurate With Age.




Price: $240.00

Stock Number: U191


An Early 20thC Mahogany Cotton Reel Stand With Turned Handle, 6 Spool Stand And Ridged Circular Base.
271mm High.
The Handle Broken And Restuck.


Price: $125.00
Stock Number: W568


A Good 19thC Cairo Ware Silver And Copper Inlaid Brass Dish Decorated With Islamic Script.
216mm Diameter.
Circa 1880.


Price: $160.00
Stock Number: C152


A Late Victorian Mahogany Monaural Stethoscope.
173mm Long.


Price: $40.00
Stock Number: W615


A 19thC Cairo Ware Rectangular Brass Dish With Folded Rim And Islamic Script.
256mm x 102mm
Circa 1880.
Good Condition


Price: $60.00
Stock Number: X52


A Pair Of Edwardian Monogrammed Ivory Clothes Brushes.
The Brushes Worn But Still Nice And Tight With Life Left In Them


Price: $120.00
Stock Number: V16


A George III Circular Pewter Plate With Rolled Rim; Touch Mark To Rear.
238mm Diameter.


Price: $50.00
Stock Number: T711


A George III Pewter Plate With Flat Folded Rim; Touch Marks To Rear Including Quasi Hallmarks.
214mm Diameter.
A Bit Degraded.



Price: $35.00
Stock Number: T712


A Late Victorian Tartan Ware "Prince Charlie" Hinged Rectangular Thread Box With Crib Board Top And Paper Label Inside For Clark & Co Anchor Thread, Paisley.
264mmW x 90mD x 41mH
Circa 1900, a little worn



Price: $160.00

Stock Number: S153


An Exceptional 19thC Brass Furniture Handle Cast With Masks And Dolphins And Formed As A Plate And Drop Handle.
83mm Long.


Price: $80.00
Stock Number: X357


A Large Victorian Mahogany Acorn Shape 2 Section String Holder With Thread Action And Wide Circular Foot.
Circa 1860
205mm High.
Old Repair To Foot; Colour To Die For.


Price: $480.00
Stock Number: U161


A Rare Late 19thC Fruitwood Domestic Roulette Wheel With Ivory Spinner And Ebonised Bun Feet.
191mm Diameter x 84mm High.
Circa 1900.
Lacks Marbles.


Price: $350.00
Stock Number: T647


An Early 20thC Ceylonese Porcupine Quill Hexagonal Work Box With Brass Lifting Handle, Ivory Inlaid Ebony Carcass, The Interior Featuring "Ceylon" And An Elephant.
89mm Wide x 95mm High.
A Few Small Pieces Missing From Base Corners.



Price: $220.00
Stock Number: V495


A Late Victorian Tartan Ware Hinged Square Box, The Small Brass Clasp Lacking Hasp.
108mm Square x 50mm High.
Circa 1900.


Price: $60.00

Stock Number: S152


A George III Black Lacquered Papier Mache Snuff Box With Faux Tortoiseshell Hinged Cover.
93mm Wide x 44mm Deep x 30mm High.
Excellent Condition.


Price: $80.00
Stock Number: V27


A Vintage Mock Tortoiseshell Paper Knife Featuring An African Woman.
93mm Long.


Price: $95.00
Stock Number: CD345


A Tiny 19thC Fruitwood Seal Box Together With Another Larger Rosewood Seal Box


Price: $25.00
Stock Number: W614


Four Various Early 19thC Cut Amber Glass Seals
Naked Apollo : $80
Mercury : $60
Seated Man : $40
Clear Glass : $30


Price: Various (As Above)
Stock Number: U77


A Victorian Common Prayer Book With Ivory Boards And Gilt Metal Mounts And Latch, The Cover With Applied Cross And Entwinded "h" - With Original Leather Case.
The Case 105mm x 72mm.
Dedicated To Queen Victoria, Circa 1880.
Excellent Condition



Price: $280.00
Stock Number: X341


An Early 20thC Circular Ivory Bangle With Pronounced Grain.
Internal Diameter Approximately 63mm.
Tiny Internal Chip.


Price: $350.00
Stock Number: W613


A Large 19th Century Flaring Cylindrical Horn Tumbler With Well Figured Grain And Turned Horn Base.
134mm High.
Circa 1850.


Price: $140.00
Stock Number: R279


A 19th Century Variegated Horn Flaring Cylindrical Tumbler With Glass Bottom.
100mm High.
Circa 1860.


Price: $35.00
Stock Number: R281


A 19th Century Variegated Horn Flaring Cylindrical Tumbler With Glass Bottom.
101mmm High.
Circa 1860.

Price: $95.00

Stock Number: R283

  A Rare 19th Century Rectangular Agate Vinaigrette With Hinged Cover, Simple Pierced Brass Grill And Brass Mounts.
34mm x 24mm
Circa 1870.

Price: $385.00

Stock Number: R142


A Decorative 19thC American, Cape Cod, Cast Iron 2 Handle Cauldron Shape Fire Starter With Brass Swing Handle, Domed Brass Cover And Wand.
195mm Across Handles x 205mm High.
Circa 1900.
Apparently The Cauldron Is Filled With Kerosene, The Wand Is Left Standing In The Kerosene, The Wand Is Lit And Inserted In The Fire! Original Condition.


Price: $120.00
Stock Number: X338


A Victorian Cased 3 Piece Antler Handle Carving Set, The Steel Blade Knife Marked "Joseph Elliot & Sons Cutlers Sheffield."
Circa 1860.
OK Condition, The Knife Well Used.





Price: $120.00
Stock Number: X310


A Very Rare Pair Of Early 19thC Circular Pressed Horn Snuff Boxes And Covers Decorated With Scenes Of Dandies Riding "The Hobby Horse" Or Velocipede, The Bases With A Circular Design Of Petals; Both Signed Bottom Left "Bradwell."
79mm Diameter.
Circa 1820.
Both In Pretty Good Condition Displaying Little Knocks And Scratches Commensurate With Age, One With A Small Section Of The Bottom Edge Of The Cover Missing. Very Rare To Find A Pair Of Snuffboxes.






Price: $980.00
Stock Number: W859


A Mounted Assembly Of Georgian Red Wax Armorial Seals In Modern Octagonal Frame.
The frame 282mm diameter.



Price: $380.00
Stock Number: CD298

A 19th Century Brass Mounted Hinged Rosewood Travelling Inkwell, Probably A Souvenir Of Karlsbad.
Circa 1880.


Price: $125.00

Stock Number: CD241



An early 19th Century English Silver Mounted Cowrie Shell Snuff Box With Flush Hinge And Engraved Monogramme.
The Silver Mount Not Marked.
Circa 1820.


Price: $480.00

Stock Number: R373


A George III Early 19thC Silver Gilt Mounted Cowrie Shell Snuff Box With Flush Hinge, Engraved With A Bowl Of Fruit And A Bird Above Scrollwork; Monogrammed
"TE," "JE" And "NME."
66mm x 56mm.
The Silver Not Marked, The Interior Gilded.
Circa 1800.
A Small Tear To The Silver Mount Otherwise Pretty Good Condition.
These Silver Mounted Cowrie Shell Snuff Boxes Are Usually Associated With Mariners Returnig From The Tropics With A Treasure To Be Mounted By The Local Silversmith - The Really Desirable Examples Are Hallmarked With Scottish And Irish Provincial Marks. It Is Tempting To Think Of The Engraved Monograms Referring To The Mariner Husband, His Wife And Their Child - Perhaps Born Whilst He Was Overseas!



Price: $580.00
Stock Number: X190


A Good Looking 19thC Mahogany Hinged Rectangular Surgeons Box Set With A Brass Escutcheon Engraved "Wm A Perston MD Surgeon;" Original Brass Latches, Hinges Escutcheon And Lock.
500mm Wide x 188mm Deep x 100mm High.
Circa 1850.
Excellent Condition, Attractive Figured Mahogany.



Price: $780.00
Stock Number: R9


An Interesting Rimu Cheque For The Bank Of Australasia, Made Out For 1 Pound, Dated 29th July 1928, And Signed By Paul Verschaffeldt, Commissioner Of The Civil Service.
285mm x 77mm
Provenance :
Wagener Museum


Price: $350.00

Stock Number: L3


A Late Victorian Barrel Shape Treen Money Box With Applied Photographic Print Of "Union St Aberdeen Looking E."
80mm High.


Price: $120.00
Stock Number: L216


A Gorgeous Early 19thC Treen Fruitwood 3 Section Baluster Powder Shaker With Nice Tight Threads; Weighted.
132mm High.
Circa 1840.
Excellent Condition, Lovely Colour.


Price: $350.00
Stock Number: V28


An Early 19thC Treen Dice Shaker Of Hour Glass Form.
81mm High.


Price: $120.00
Stock Number: V30


A Pair Of George III Early 19thC Bone Handle Iron Riding Boot Hooks Of Very Sturdy Construction.
226mm Long.
Circa 1800.
OK Condition, The Bone Handles With Age Cracks And Little Chips But Totally Stable.


Price: $180.00
Stock Number: X218


A Superb Pair Of Edwardian Rectangualr Shape Glass Scent Bottles With Faceted Shoulders, Sterling Silver Mounts And Screw On Gold Inlaid Ivory Cover With Corked Interiors, Monogramed EJB?
London Circa 1900 (No Date Mark)
Andrew Barret & Sons, Piccadilly, London.
Excellent Condition.

On the subject of destroying all object d'art made from ivory, and in particular portrait miniatures painted on ivory, television presenter and antiques expert Philip Mould said: "The thought that, say, some of our most emotive miniature portraits of Nelson, Byron and the young Queen Victoria become persona non grata - artworks of shame for which there is no market - is up there with book-burning and recent cultural vengeance meted out on the buildings of ancient Syria."



Price: $475.00
Stock Number: X239


An Exquisite Set Of 3 Late 19thC Graduated Cylindrical Ivory Boxes With Domed Circular Screw On Covers Featuring Gold Inlaid Monogram EJB? Within A Lozenge.
90mm, 65mm, 55mm Diameter x 108mm, 75mm, 65mm High.
Pristine Condition.

We Hope The Slaughter Of Elephants Will Cease Immediately, It Is A Scourge On Humanity, But Nonetheless Cannot Help But Be Entranced By The Seductive Power Of The Ivory Matrix, The Wavy Grain Clearly Visible To The Naked Eye, The Colour So Ivory. Exquisite!


Price: $1,650.00
Stock Number: X238


A Totally Gorgeous Late 19thC Turned Ivory Hat Pin Stand With Central Slender Baluster Stem, Pierced Apertures, Fabric Covered Cork Mound And Weighted Circular Base; Marked "Hardy Bros Ltd Sydney Made In England."
156mm High.
Circa 1900.
The Ivory In Excellent Condition; The Fabric Distressed.

Yes, We All Know There Should Be Nothing That Encourages The Slaughter Of Elephants For Their Tusks, Deplorable In The Extreme, But To Our Mind That Policy Should In No Way Extinguish The Appreciation Of Old Worked Ivory Such As This. We Feel Prince William, Admirable Though His Campaign To Save The Elephants Is, Was Misinformed When He Declared All The Ivory In Buckingham Palace Should Be Heaped Into A Pile And Turned Into A Bonfire! Are We Going To Burn 13thc Islamic Chess Pieces, 18thC Japanese Netsuke, 19thC Dieppe Mirrors, Medievil German Saints? Of Course Not! Old Ivory Is Wonderful.



Price: $450.00
Stock Number: X236


A Pair Of Late 19th Ivory Handled Glove Stretchers Together With A Matching Shoe Hook.
Circa 1900.
Excellent Condition.

Price: $60.00
Stock Number: X282


A Decorative And Large 19thC Horn Handle Bronzed Copper Magnifying Glass.
291mm Long.
Circa 1860.
Excellent Condition.




Price: $285.00
Stock Number: X227


A Good Looking 19thC Australian Marquetry Inlaid Box, The Top With Radiating Design And The Sides With Lozenges, Featuring Many Different Timbers, The Back With Well Figured Cedar.
300mm Wide x 227mm Deep x 144mm High.
Original Brass Hinges, Lock And Key, Pretty Good Condition With Minor Losses To the Back And Some White Filler To The Interior





Price: $1,250.00
Stock Number: X47


Michelangelo Meucci,
Florence, 1840-1890,
A Pair Of Oval Oils On Board Of Still Life Game Birds Tacked To Trompe L'oeil Pine Panels.
One Signed "M Meucci Firenze."
Both Approx. 200mm x 158mm.
Both With Original Carved Giltwood Oak Leaf Frames.
Small Crack To Top Of One Frame, The Paintings In Immaculate Original Condition, The Paint As Bright And Fresh As The Day It Was Applied.





Price: $2,850.00
Stock Number: R328


A Very Rare 19thC Pollard Oak Apprentice Piece Tea Caddy In The Form Of A Break-Front Sideboard, Having A Stipple Carved And Scrolled Raised Back, The Hinged Top Lifting To Reveal Two Lidded Compartments, The Break-Front Facia With Applied Half Columns, On A Plinth Base.
25.5cm High x 30cm Wide x 20cm Deep



Price: $1,850.00
Stock Number: R481


A Late Victorian Brass Wall Sconce With Milkglass Shade With Frilled Rim.
313mm Wide.




Price: $250.00
Stock Number: CD674


A Plain Early English Bronze Mortar.
106mm high x 130mm diameter
Circa 1800



Price: $120.00
Stock Number: D350


An Early 20thC Treen Salt Pig With Back Shaped Back Board, Hinged Lid And Stave Front.
251mm high




Price: $240.00
Stock Number: CD282


An Attractive Early 19rhC Oval Snuff Box With Tooled Gilt Metal Mounts And Agate Cover And Base.
67mm Diameter




Price: $380.00
Stock Number: V192


A Very Smart Pair Of Late Victorian Georgian Style Turned Mahogany Candlesticks With Detatchable Brass Sconces, Slender Baluster Stems, Carved Lower Knops, Circular Feet With Sunken Wells And Baized Bases.
345mm High.
Circa 1880.
Excellent Condition With Great Colour.



Price: $850.00
Stock Number: V641


A 19thC Fijian Sperm Whale Tooth, Tabua, Pierced For Suspension.
125mm Wide.
Original Suspension Hole Broken, A Later Old Replacement Hole Drilled To The Other Side, Especially Good Colour And Patination.




Price: $650.00
Stock Number: X41


A Late 19thC Chinese Bronze And Champleve Enamel Vase Of Archaic Inspiration With Animal Head Handles, Taotie Masks And Bands Of Polychrome Champleve Enamel.
240mm High.
Good Colour, Good Condition;
Associated Pierced Wood Stand.




Price: $260.00
Stock Number: X27


A Victorian Milchglass Cornucopia Vase With Brass Hand Shape Terminal And Cream Alabaster Base.
142mm Wide x 76mm Deep x 170mm High.
Couple Of Miniscule Nibbles to the Rim, The Base One Corner Slightly Chipped.



Price: $180.00
Stock Number: CD641


An Unusual George III Pierced Spherical Brass String Box With Overhead Cutting Blade And Domed Foot.
122mm High.
Circa 1800.
Good Condition



Price: $380.00
Stock Number: W674


A 19thC Indian Bronze Horse On Oval Mound Base With Detatchable Lotus Leaf Sconce.
90mm Wide x 122mm High.
Circa 1850.
Excellent Condition




Price: $285.00
Stock Number: X16


Treen : A Good Victorian Mahogany Double Ogee Treen Bowl On Squat Pedestal And Circular Foot.
135mm Diameter x 103mm High.
Circa 1880.
Excellent Condition.




Price: $220.00
Stock Number: V643


Treen : A Good Pair Of Victorian Mahogany Circlular Bowls With Slightly Everted Rims And Slightly Raised Bases.
177mm Diameter x 61mm High.
Circa 1880.
Excellent Condition.



Price: $280.00
Stock Number: V644


Treen : An Unusual Set Of 6 Victorian Mahogany Cups And Covers With Tall Domed Covers, Squat Stems And Circular Feet.
192mm High.
Circa 1880.
Excellent Condition.




Price: $240.00
Stock Number: V646


Treen : An Unusual Pair Of Victorian Chestnut Cups And Covers With Tall Domed Covers, Squat Stems And Circular Feet.
203mm High.
Circa 1880.
Excellent Condition



Price: $80.00
Stock Number: V647


Treen : An Unusual Victorian Oak Cup And Cover With Tall Domed Cover, Squat Stem And Circular Foot.
193mm High.
Circa 1880.
A Small Ding To The Cover




Price: $40.00
Stock Number: V648


Treen : A Strange Set Of 3 Victorian Cylindrical Vessels With Internal Nozzzles, Squat Stems, Circualr Feet And Stands.
116mm High.
Possibly Candlesticks Although They Would Be Impossible To Clean Of Wax - They Certainly Have Been Turned By Someone Very Competent But What He Intended I'm Not Sure.
Excellent Condition


Price: $160.00
Stock Number: V649


A Georgian Rolled Gold Seal With Blank Carnelian, Pierced Vase Shape Mount And Split Suspension Ring.
32mm High Excluding Suspension Ring x 201mm Wide.
Lovely Worn Original Appearance Showing Age With No Condition Issues.



Price: $160.00
Stock Number: W799


An Interesting 18thC Islamic Domed Metal Candlestick With Engraved Boteh And Drapery Ornament.
136mm High.



Price: $280.00
Stock Number: T714


This Original 19th Century Quality Coffee Grinder Was Manufactured By Kenrick & Son Of West Bromwich Staffordshire. This Model Is The Rare Square Grinder No. 2, Made Of Cast Iron With A Brass Decorated Hopper And A Turned Exotic Wood Knob On The Grinding Handle. The Ground Coffee Is Collected In A Slide Out Drawer With A Brass Knob. An Oval Pressed Brass Nameplate Plaque Is Affixed To The Front Of The Mill And Reads: ‘A. Kenrick & Sons’, Above The English Coat of Arms And ‘Patent Coffee Mill’ Beneath. The Grind Size Can Be Adjusted By Turning The Regulator Screw (after removing the drawer and using a screw driver from the underside). The Archibald Kenrick & Sons Company Was Established In 1791 In Spons Lane, West Bromwich As a Quality Iron Foundry. It Is A Family Firm In Which Six Kenrick Generations Were Named As Directors. The founder Was Archibald Kenrick (1760 - 1835) And The Younger DIrector Is Martin John Kenrick (Born 1940).
104mm Square.



Price: $240.00
Stock Number: V400


A Pair Of Early 20thC Brass Cased Port Bow Lights With Red Glass; Stamped "Port Bow Light Patt 2200 Birmingham Eng. Co. Ltd."
Circa 1900.
120mm Wide x 95mm Deep x 115mm High.
One With Cracked Glass.




Price: $280.00
Stock Number: V761


A Small Georgian Bronze Mortar And Pestle Of Typical Form With Good Original Colour.
The Mortar 91mm High x 113mm Diameter.
Circa 1800.


Price: $350.00
Stock Number: V178


A Most Decorative 19thC Rectangular Box And Lift Off Cover, The Whole Mounted With Collection Of Various 18th And 19thC Red Wax Seals Featuring Armorial Crests, Classical Portraits, Animals, Insects Etc, The Interior With A Further Collection Of Loose Wax Seals, Some Labelled And Of Classical Inspiration One With A Bust Of Lord Byron.
154mm Wide x 102mm Deep x 49mm High.
Very Decorative, Good Condition.





Price: $650.00
Stock Number: V722


A Gorgeous, Well Patinated And Totally Original Victorian Iron Hand Bell With Clanger And Turned Mahogany Handle; Not Touched.
268mm High.
Circa 1860.
Excellent Condition.


Price: $360.00
Stock Number: V760


An Enchanting Pair Of Regency Period Carved Limewood Demure Sphinxes, The Well Endowed Figures Seated On
Hindquarters; Originally Furniture Mounts.
Approximately 265mm Wide x 285mm High.
A Few Old Knocks And Splits, Nothing Serious, Unique And Very Decorative.



Price: $1,850.00
Stock Number: V150


A Victorian Cast Silvered Metal Figural Tobacco Jar And Cover Modelled As A Severe Man With A Large Nose, His Hat Forming The Cover.
116mm High.


Price: $180.00
Stock Number: V421


An Early 19thC Red Painted Lead Tobacco Jar With Domed Cover And Ball Finial.
203mm High.


Price: $160.00
Stock Number: V425


A Dated George III Octagonal Lead Tobacco Jar, The Domed Cover With Acorn Finial, Monogramed WF And Dated 1805; Traces Of Old Paint.
143mm Wide x 93mm Deep x 163mm High



Price: $420.00
Stock Number: V426


A Statuesque Early 19thC Iron Pedestal Urn Tobacco Jar And Domed Cover With Acorn Finial.
205mm High.


Price: $280.00
Stock Number: V431


A 19thC Small Iron Circular Tobacco Box And Cover With Brass Finial.
100mm Diameter x 115mm High.


Price: $50.00
Stock Number: V432


A 19thC Circular Lead Tobacco Box With Stepped Cover And Acorn Finial, The Side With Cast Cornucopia.
107mm Diameter x 149mm High
Extremely Heavy In The Hand.



Price: $220.00
Stock Number: V433


A George III Octagonal Lead Tobacco Jar And Stepped Cover With Internal Cover.
135mm Wide x 82mm Deep x 176mm High.
Very Heavy In The Hand.



Price: $220.00
Stock Number: V436


A 19thC Square Lead Tobacco Box Cast In Relief With Horses And Hounds, The Cover With Pineapple Finial.
903mm Square x 130mm High



Price: $220.00
Stock Number: V437


A Small Georgian Sarcophagus Shape Iron Tobacco Box, The Cover With Acorn Finial.
129mm Wide x 76mm Deep x 104mm High.



Price: $140.00
Stock Number: V439


An Elaborate Victorian Shaped Lead Tobacco Box Cast With Bust And Scroll Supports, The Cover With Swan Finial.
149mm Wide x 73mm Deep x 165mm High.



Price: $280.00
Stock Number: V440


A Georgian Rectangular Iron Tobacco Box With Canted Sides, Base With Shaped Apron And Domed Cover With Circular Finial.
105mm Wide x 82mm Deep x 142mm High.



Price: $220.00
Stock Number: V441


A Georgian Sarcophagus Shape Lead Tobacco Bow With Shaped Apron, The Cover With Complimentary Finial.
106mm Wide x 85mm Deep x 135mm High.



Price: $220.00
Stock Number: V442


An Early 19thC Cast Lead Circular Tobacco Jar And Domed Cover With Negroid Finial And Traces Of Green Paint.
119mm Diameter x 115mm High.



Price: $140.00
Stock Number: V444


A 19thC Painted Sheet Iron Cylindrical Tobacco Jar And Cover With Pierced Domed Cover, Ball Finial With Swing Handle, Rivets And Scroll Feet.
127mm Diameter x 231mm High.



Price: $120.00
Stock Number: V445


An Architectural Early 19thC Faceted Hexagonal Tobacco Box And Cover With Complimentary Finial, Stem And Base.
109mm Wide x 184mm High.
A Terrific, If Somewhat Lopsided, Shape.


Price: $380.00
Stock Number: V448


A Small 19thC Octagonal Cast Iron Tobacco Jar With Slightly Domed Cover, Cherubic Mask And Everted Raised Feet.
86mm Wide x 75mm Deep x 100mm High.



Price: $220.00
Stock Number: V450


A George III Painted Lead Octagonal Tobacco Jar With Slightly Domed Cover, Negroid Finial And Internal Cover.
160mm Wide x 90mm Deep x 133mm High.



Price: $220.00
Stock Number: V453


A George III Painted Lead Oval Tobacco Jar With Domed Cover, Finial And Foliate Ornament, The Sides With Cast Ribbon Tied Garlands Featuring Neptune And A Sailing Ship Flanking A Shield With A Hung Horse.
147mm Wide x 97mm Deep x 145mm High.
Old Repairs And Damage, The Cover Ill Fitting.



Price: $180.00
Stock Number: V454


A 19thC 2 Section Thread Action Cylindrical Bone Needle Case Carved In Relief With Dragons.
Circa 1900.
157mm Long.
A Couple Of Small Losses And Some Small But Stable Cracks.



Price: $180.00
Stock Number: W551


A 19thC 2 Section Cylindrical Composition Ivory Lookalike Needle Case With Silver Mounts.
The Silver Not Marked.
109mm Long.
Good Condition With To Be Expected Wear And Tear.


Price: $80.00
Stock Number: W552


An Early 20thC Cased Dorcas Size 6 Thimble Stamped With Charles Horner And Dorcas Marks.
Excellent Condition.


Price: $40.00
Stock Number: W555


An Early 20thC Turned Wood Acorn Shape Needle Case With Beginnings Of Good Patination.
45mm Long.
Excellent Condition.



Price: $60.00
Stock Number: W556


An Early 20thC Treen Souvenir Spool Case With Thread Action Revealing 3 Spools, The Exterior Painted With" Ville Franche", The Finial Inserted With A Tiny Viewer Depicting Yachts.
86mm Long.
Good Condition.



Price: $60.00
Stock Number: W558


A Tiny Victorian Nickel Mounted Magnifying Glass With Finely Turned Ivory Handle Pierced For Suspension.
52mm Long.



Price: $120.00
Stock Number: W536


A Victorian Ivory Cigar Knife With Blank Cartouche, Cutting Aperture, Steel Blade And Pricker; The Steel Pricker Stamped "Cigar Knife."



Price: $120.00
Stock Number: W523


A Strange Victorian Ivory Ruler With Finely Engraved Numbers And Scales; Function Unknown.
152mm Long.


Price: $140.00
Stock Number: W524


A Strange Early 20thC Plastic Ruler, Function Unknown.
190mm Long..


Price: $45.00
Stock Number: W525


A Victorian Mother-Of-Pearl Fruit Knife With Shield Shape Escutcheon Monogramed "EF," The Blade Marked "Sheffield Stainless."
75mm Long.
One Side Cracked.



Price: $35.00
Stock Number: W527


A Late Victorian Mother-Of-Pearl Twin Blade Fruit Knife, The Blades Stamped "George Wostenholm Sheffield England."
Small Piece Of Mother-Of-Pearl Missing.
60mm Long


Price: $25.00
Stock Number: W528


A Good Early 20thC Tortoise Twin Blade Fruit Knife, The Blade Stamped "Victorinox Switzerland Stainless Rostfrei."
73mm Long.
Nice Crisp Action.



Price: $45.00
Stock Number: W529


A Good Looking Edwardian Mahogany Brass Bound Coopered Bucket With Swing Handle And Applied Wood Handle.
367mm Wide x 280mm Deep x 282mm High.



Price: $450.00
Stock Number: U124


A Georgian Base Metal Seal, The Octagonal Base Mounted With An Intaglio Carved Wheat Sheaf.
34mm High.



Price: $160.00
Stock Number: W517


A Magnificent And Rare Georgian Amboyna Brass Mounted Artists Box With All Over Broad Brass Mounts, Recessed Military Style Brass Handles, Lower Drawer With Key And Lock, Fitted Interior With Various Contents Including Small Ivory And Ceramic Palettes, Mixing Trays Etc.
335mm Wide x 247mm Deep x 132mm High.
The Smartest Box I've Seen In Over 30 Years In The Trade





Price: $3,450.00
Stock Number: U164


An Extremely Rare Georgian Mahogany Brass Mounted Artist's Box With Flush Recessed Military Style Handles And Fitted Interior With Various Artist's Supplies.
407mm Wide x 322mm Deep x 125mm High.
A Superb Box For The Connoisseur.




Price: $2,450.00
Stock Number: U144


A Victorian Baluster Copper Jug With Double Scroll Handle And Mask Spout.
151mm High.
Circa 1860.
Original Condition.





Price: $120.00
Stock Number: V626


A Good Victorian Walnut Jewellery Box With Engraved And Pierced Brass Mounts With Ivory Inserts And Fitted Lift Out Tray.
276mm Wide x 202mm Deep x 108mm High.
Circa 1880.
The Interior A Little Worn. For Every 100 Writing Slopes We See We Might See 1 Jewellery Box - They Are Scarce.






Price: $650.00
Stock Number: V142


A Good Cased Pair Of Victorian Glass Scent Bottles And Stoppers, The Green Leather Case With Engraved Brass Top Plate And Escutcheon, The Interior Purple Plush And Purple Velvet Lined; Key, But Lock Not Functioning.
115mm Wide x 71mm Deep x 111mm High.
Excellent Condition.



Price: $325.00
Stock Number: CD608

An Early 20thC Arts And Crafts Pressed Metal And Uranium Glass Cylindrical Hall Lantern With Pierced Cover And Pressed Metal Mounts.
184mm And 240mm Diameter x 332mm High.
Circa 1910.
Good Original Condition




Price: $850.00
Stock Number: V506


A George III Mortgage Written In Ink On Vellum For 600 Sterling With Original Wax Seals, Signed John Mornington And Dated 1814.
Excellent Condition.



Price: $140.00

Stock Number: V373


A William IV Indenture Written In Ink On Vellum With Original Wax Seal, Signed Henry King And Dated 1834
Excellent Condition.



Price: $140.00

Stock Number: V374


A Victorian Mortgage Written In Ink On Vellum For 200 Sterling With Original Wax Seal, Signed Henry Fuller And Dated 1814.
Excellent Condition.



Price: $120.00

Stock Number: V376


A Victorian Beaded Glass Light Shade With Copper Gallery.
143mm Diameter x  223mm High.
A Few Beads Missing, Not Major, Presents Well.


Price: $120.00

Stock Number: V168



A 19thC Gold Nugget Stick Pin.
Apparently Cobb River.
Weight : 5 grams


Price: $385.00

Stock Number: L341


A Victorian Brass Mirrored Wall Sconce With Mask, Circular Mirror And Twisted Brass Candle Branches With Griffin Terminals.
350mm x 262mm.
Circa 1870.
Excellent Condition.


Price: $550.00

Stock Number: CD532


A 19thC Treen Food Dish With 2 Bays And Loop Handle.
282mm Long.



Price: $160.00

Stock Number: CD535

A Pair Of 19thC Continental Bronze Busts Of Infants Cast After Designs By Johannes Claudius de Cock.
One Portrayed Laughing, The Other Weeping,
Each On A Waisted Circular Socle With Circular Marble Base; One Signed E Caffi.
191mm High.
Circa 1860.




Price: $1,200

Stock Number: T258

A Georgian Brass Wax Jack With Scissor Action, Scroll Handle And Domed Pierced Base.
130mm High.
Circa 1800.



Price: $220.00

Stock Number: U145

A Spectacular Turn Of The Century Art Nouveau EPNS Gilt Belt Decorated In High Relief With A Draped Long Haired Maiden.
733mm Long.
Good Quality, Excellent Condition.




Price: $350.00

Stock Number: V13

An Extremely Stylish Pair Of 19thC French, Ferdinand Barbedienne (1810-1892), Cast Bronze Candlesticks Of Classical Draped Females With Detachable Sconces On Domed And Gadrooned Circular Bases; Each Stamped F Barbedienne & Co, One With Original Paper Label.
277mm High.
Excellent Condition.




Price: $2,850.00

Stock Number: U57

An Attractive Regency Tortoiseshell Box Of Knife Box Shape With Hinged Sloping Cover And  Applied Shield Shape Escutcheon.
57mm Wide x 45mm Deep x 97mm High.
Circa 1820.
The Interior Now Lacking Divisions, Couple Of Minor Dings, Pretty Tidy Condition Overall, Very Nice Colour!



Price: $550.00

Stock Number: U221

A Good Regency Hinged Rectangular Ivory Mounted Tortoiseshell Sewing Box With Plush Lined Interior Fitted With 5 Carved Mother Of Pearl Spools, A Samson & Mordan Propelling Pencil, A Silver Mounted Scent Bottle (Deficient) And A Gorgeous Carved Mother Of Pearl Needle Holder; With Mark "Lund Cornhill London."
130mm Wide x 85mm Deep x 32mm High.





Price: $850.00

Stock Number: U282

A 19thC New Zealand Interest Malacca Cane With Sterling Silver Mounted Ivory Handle With Notched Hand Grip.
The Silver Mount With Engraved Cartouche "P. Isaacs Dunedin" Together With Makers Mark "JH" And Also London Marks.
885mm Long.
Circa 1880.


Price: $380.00
Stock Number: T126

A Victorian Mahogany And Chequer Banded Zograscope, On Turned Column And Moulded Round Base.
672mm high.
Make a great shaving mirror!



Price: $680.00

Stock Number: CD288

A Victorian Turned Ivory Scriber With Diamond Point.
110mm Long.


Price: $125.00

Stock Number: U80


A Decorative Pair Of 19thC English Mahogany Bobbin Turned Candlesticks On Circular Bases.
229mm High.
Circa 1850.


Price: $380.00

Stock Number: CD382





A 19thC Scottish Turned Antler Snuff Box With Monogrammed Silver Mount.
75mm Wide.
Circa 1850.


Price: $450.00

Stock Number: J566

An Edwardian Cane With Sterling Silver Handle And Mock Bamboo Shaft.
Hallmarks A Bit Indecipherable, Probably London 1909.
Couple Of Dings To The Silver - Character! - Otherwise A Nice Functional Sturdy Cane.


Price: $260.00

Stock Number: U199

An Early 20th Century Chinese Bamboo Cane Carved With A Snake, The Handle Formed From A Root Ball.
892mm Long.


Price: $45.00
Stock Number: T127

A Victorian Malacca Swagger Stick With Horn Tip And Sterling Silver Mount With Makers Mark For Zaire And Additional Silver Scroll Mount With Owners Name For J Cornwell.
Birmingham 1908.



Price: $280.00
Stock Number: CD271

A George V Bamboo Walking Stick With Plain Sterling Silver Handle Engraved With JM Wilson.
London 1913.


Price: $140.00
Stock Number: S157


A Fantastic Early English Iron Mortar With Two Handles And Ribbed Body.
147mm high x 193mm diameter.
Probably 16th Century.
Great door stop for a body builder.


Price: $450.00

Stock Number: R544

A Well Carved 19thC Ivory Figure Of "The Lion Of Lucerne" On Rectangular Base Further Mounted On A Stepped Base With Rounded Edges.
140mW x 88mD x 62mH
The Shield Restuck. C1880.
Nice And Weighty In The Hand.


Price: $1,650.00

Stock Number: T22

A Good 19thC Chinese Brass Tapering Square Section Inkwell With Hinged Cover Featuring A Cast Dragon, Brass Liner And Engraved Dragons.
60mm Square x 88mm High.
Circa 1880.



Price: $160.00

Stock Number: S244

A Rare Little 19th Century Scottish Gilt Metal Mounted Rectangular Agate Vesta Case With Hinged Cover And Internal Striker.
60mm long.
Circa 1880.


Price: $385.00

Stock Number: CD253

A Small Georgian oval brass pocket snuff box with inset polished agate base and cover.
42mm wide.
Circa 1820.


Price: $260.00

Stock Number: H188

A Gorgeous Late Victorian Rectangular Agate Snuff Box With Hinged Cover, Internal Mirror And EPNS Mounts.
59mm x 37mm
Circa 1880.


Price: $385.00

Stock Number: R141

A George III Early 19thC Hinged Rectangular Mock Tortoiseshell Papier Mache Snuff Box With Piquet Work.
93mm x 58mm.
Circa 1820.


Price: $185.00

Stock Number: R377

A Victorian Gilt Metal Mounted Moss Agate Oval Vinaigrette, The Mounts With Engine Turning.
28mm wide.
Circa 1850.


Price: $285.00

Stock Number: R624

A Gorgeous Regency Tortoiseshell Knife Box Shape Hinged Needle Box With Original Fitted Interior; Bears Makers Mark For "Lund Cornhill London."
32mmW x 35mmD x 52mH
Circa 1830.


Price: $450.00

Stock Number: S84

A Charming Victorian Nickel Mounted Scottish Agate Match Safe Shaped As A Book.
46mm x 31mm
Circa 1850


Price: $180.00

Stock Number: T452

An Attractive Early 19rhC Oval Snuff Box With Tooled Gilt Metal Mounts And Agate Cover And Base.
67mm Diameter


Price: $380.00

Stock Number: U119


A Good Victorian Carved And Turned Bone Staunton Chess Set With Natural And Red Stained Colours.
The King 86mm High.
Good Condition


Price: $650.00

Stock Number: G542


A Good Victorian Small Carved And Turned Bone Barleycorn Chess Set With Natural And Red Stained Colours.
The King 76mm High.
Good Condition


Price: $350.00

Stock Number: H583


A Late Victorian Staunton Boxwood Chess Set; Felted
The King 75mm High.
The White Knight Chipped, Otherwise Good Condition.



Price: $380.00

Stock Number: T276


A Small Edwardian Staunton Type Boxwood Chess Set; Felted.
The King 70mm High.
Good Condition


Price: $180.00

Stock Number: T649


A Victorian Boxwood Staunton Chess Set.
The King 87mm High.
The Black Bishops And Queen Replaced; The Black King Chipped. Three Black Pawns Chipped.



Price: $220.00

Stock Number: J520


A Good Victorian Carved And Turned Bone Barleycorn Chess Set With Natural And Red Stained Colours.
The King 101mm High.
4 Pawns Slightly Smaller And Replaced; One Castle Chipped. The Red King With BADA Sticker.



Price: $850.00

Stock Number: G757


A Late Victorian Staunton Type Chess Set In Ebony And Boxwood, The Knights With Glass Eyes.
The Kings 78mm High.
One Glass Eye Missing.




Price: $450.00

Stock Number: T648


Moko Or Maori Tattooing, By Major-General Robley. First Edition, 1896. Ex Library Copy, Rebound. Pretty Good Conditon, Tissue Foxed.




Price: $2,000.00

Stock Number: T565


The History Of Tattooing By WD Hambly. First Edition 1925.
Ex Library Copy, Pretty Good Condition Small Tear To Spine.




Price: $200.00

Stock Number: T566


Old New Zealand, A Tale Of The Good Old Times. By The Earl Of Pembroke. First Edition 1876.
Good Condition, Slightly Loose In The Spine.




Price: $280.00

Stock Number: T462

A 19thC Circular Ivory Box In 2 Sections With Screw Thread.
95mm Diameter


Price: $450.00

Stock Number: U78

An Early 20thC Small Ivory Box In 2 Domed Sections With Screw Thread.
43mm Diameter


Price: $160.00

Stock Number: U79



  A Glorious Large George III Circular Pewter Charger With Wide Everted And Folded Rim; The Reverse Monogrammed PG?
460mm Diameter.
Circa 1800.


Price: $480.00

Stock Number: T340




An Early 19thC Figured Elm Circular Table Snuff Box With Moulded Edges And Ebony Acorn Finial.
126mm Diameter.
Circa 1820.
Original Untouched Condition, The Finial With A Base Chip.




Price: $180.00

Stock Number: T618



A Pair Of 19thC Bronzed Two Light Table Candelabra, Each Mounted With A Classical Portrait Bust And With Campana Shape Sconces On Circular Marble Bases.
230mm High.
Circa 1880.



Price: $750

Stock Number: T168


An Early Victorian Mock Tortoiseshell Hinged Rectangular Snuff Box.
95mmW x 50mmD x 28mmH.
Circa 1840.
Not Bad Condition, Worn A Little At The Rims.


Price: $145.00
Stock Number: L296



A Victorian 9 Carat Gold Mounted Gold Bearing Quartz Flat Side Pendant.
41mm Long.


Price: $280.00

Stock Number: T459



A Good Looking Georgian 18thC Parcel Gilt Bronze Seal With Suspension Ring And Lion Supports, Intaglio Agate Featuring An English Setter And An Indecipherable Latin Motto.
Some Discolouration To The Agate.



Price: $145.00

Stock Number: T136


A Set Of 5 Carved Marine Ivory Buttons, Apparently Carved From Walrus Teeth.
Approx. 28mm Long.
Circa 1900.
Gorgeous Patination!


Price: $250.00
Stock Number: T33


A Victorian Stuart Tartan Ware Cylindrical Box And Domed Cover.
66mm diameter x 64mm high.
Circa 1890.


Price: $160.00
Stock Number: T64

A Pair Of 17thC Style Scandinavian Bronze Octagonal Candlesticks With Knopped Stems, Wide Drip Pan With Masks And Domed Bases.
172mm high, circa 1900.
Drilled for electricity.


Price: $600.00
Stock Number: R449

An Extremely Decorative 19th Century Large Yellow Ground Embroidered Panel Decorated With Scrolling Foliage, A Peacock And Other Exotic Birds, The Border With A Mounted Horseman And Animals.
2900mm x 1850mm
Indo-Persian? Anglo-Indian?



Price: $3,850.00
Stock Number: H826

A Decorative Late Victorian Rectangular Tea Caddy With Hinged Cover, Moulded Edge And Two Divisions, The Mahogany Carcass Marquetry Inlaid With Various Timbers In Triangular Format.
Circa 1880.
202mmW x 107mmD x 123mmH


Price: $385.00
Stock Number: R14



An Early Victorian Banded Oak Barrel With Brass Cover And Traces Of Gilded Label.
212mm wide.
Circa 1860.
Very nicely patinated


Price: $260.00

Stock Number: CD314




A Most Interesting Victorian Cut And Polished Tusk Ivory Scrimshaw Of A Victorian Bearded Gentleman, Identity Unknown, Bears A Passing Resemblance To Richard Seddon aka King Dick. 
170mm wide.
Circa 1890.


Price: $1,250.00

Stock Number: R376


A Charming Collectable Victorian Novelty Hoof Shape Brass Vesta Case.
Circa 1880


Price:  $265.00

Stock Number: CD245


An early 19th century burr yew rectangular snuff box with slightly domed cover, tortoiseshell lined interior and flush hinge.
101mmW x 59mmD
Bears label for Broadheads, Wanganui.


Price:  $220.00

Stock Number: R316


A Small 19th Century Indian Copper Vase Repousse With Panels Of Characters In Yogi And Other Poses.

Price:  $65.00

Stock Number: CD233


A Pair Of George III Sheffield Plate Plain Wine Coasters With Gadrooned Edges And Turned Wood Bases.
152mm Diameter.
Circa 1800.

Price:  $350.00

Stock Number: P268


A pair of Victorian brass squat candlesticks with single knop stems and oval bases.
161mm high.
Circa 1850.

Price:  $150.00

Stock Number: CD124


A pair of Victorian brass candlesticks with single knop faceted stems and square chamfered bases.
170mm high.
Circa 1850

Price:  $220.00

Stock Number: F404


A Good Pair Of George III Mid 18thC Multi Knop Brass Candlesticks On Shaped Circular Bases.
192mm high.
Circa 1760.

Price:  $480.00

Stock Number: Q280


A Pair Of George III 18th Century Double Knop Brass Candlesticks On Raised Octagonal Bases.
173mm high.
Circa 1760.


Price: $420.00
Stock Number: P116


A Good Set Of Victorian Brass Fire Irons Comprising Of Tongs, Shovel And Poker, each piece with ball handle, together with a pair of Victorian Brass Fire Dogs cast with exotic Egyptian style masks.
A good quality set.


Price:  $500.00

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Stock Number: CD206

  A Large Victorian Horn Handle Cork Screw.
Price: $85.00
Stock Number: N377


A charming early 19th century rectangular papier mache snuff box with simulated tortoiseshell cover.
Circa 1820,
80mm x 45mm.


Price: $180.00
Stock Number: Q394

  An Excellent Early 20thC 9 Carat Gold Circular Sovereign Case Of Typical Sprung Form: Monogrammed "WJW?"
Extensive Birmingham hallmarks.


Price: $1,250.00
Stock Number: Q255


An extraordinary and highly decorative Victorian brown leather dome top hinged circular box and cover with wonderful caned interior.
Function? No idea, but we love it! Purchased in auction in Nelson.
570mm diameter.
Circa 1860.


Price: $1,650.00
Stock Number: F339


An Attractive Early 20thC Lignum Vitae Circular Ashtray With Attached Cylindrical Cigarette Box With Domed Cover And Turned Finial.
155mm Diameter x 170mmH
Circa 1900.

Price: $380.00
Stock Number: CD140

  A tall pair of Victorian multi-knop baluster brass candlesticks on octagonal bases.
300mm High.
Price: $150.00
Stock Number: N390

  A Victorian journeymans mallet with painted inscription: "Mallet from Scotland 1857."
332mm long.
Provenance : Wagener Museum
Price: $385.00
Stock Number: L10

  An early 19th Century treen dice shaker;
lovely colour and patination.
98mm High
Price: $185.00
Stock Number: L215

  A Victorian treen double measure.
84mm High.
Price: $125.00
Stock Number: L217


A Victorian Carved And Turned Oak Box, Constructed From A Piece Of Kings College Chapel Old Roof 1513.
125mm Diameter.





Price: $480.00
Stock Number: L221

  A 19th Century Indo-Persian Tortoiseshell and ivory hinged box with carved paw feet.

116mmW x 90mmD x 56mmH.
Price: $380.00
Stock Number: L294

  A 19th Century Indo-Persian Tortoiseshell and ivory hinged box with carved paw feet.

114mmW x 65mmD x 42mmH.
Price: $320.00
Stock Number: L295

  A vintage treen mallet.
140mm Long.
Price: $25.00
Stock Number: CD24

  A quiant Victorian tartan ware string box. Great for small change or thread.
60mm High x 81mm Diameter.
Price: $185.00
Stock Number: H184

  A Victorian copper keg bung for "Bass and Co". And another for "Worthington & Co".
Price: $50.00
Stock Number: J478


A set of three 19th Century French Bois Durci roundels decorated with named buildings.
$75.00 each.
80mm Diameter.


Price: $200.00
Stock Number: K67


  A superb set of three privately bound French 1860's ladies fashion plates. Superb mint and original colours. approx 236 plates in total.
These have got to be worth at least $20 each and could be sold for as much as $100 each.
Price: $4,000.00
Stock Number: K110

  Vintage leather suitcases:

Small with complex clasp SOLD

Large, named JF Morton SOLD

Large, not named,
Price: Various
Stock Number: N0685

  A decorative early 20thC Scandinavian carved treen drinking vessel with horse head handles.
525mmW x 21mm D275mmH
Price:  $925.00
Stock Number: N301

  A set of 4 Victorian dome top pewter meat covers.
Maker JG Graves, Sheffield, circa 1880
Largest 399mm wide, smallest 260mm wide.
Good condition
Price: $1450.00
Stock Number: J559