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A Massive Contemporary Afghani Turkoman Red Ground Carpet With Rows Of Repeating Medallions, Multi-Stripe Border And Fringed Ends.
4600mm Long x 3350mm Wide.
Mint Unused Condition.
Current Retail $14,000. Purchased By A Decorator For A Local Client Who Changed Her Mind! This Is An Absolute Steal At $5,850. Fabulous Colours, Strict Geometric Design, High Pile, Very Contemporary In Ambience, Brilliant In A Big New York Loft Style Apartment Or Any Big Room For That Matter. Sorry About The Photos, You Need To See This In The Flesh!​


Price: $5,850.00
Stock Number: CD708


An Antique Persian Bakhtiari Rug With Floral Medallions On A Deep Red Ground.
2080mm x 450mm



Price: $1,250.00
Stock Number: W289


A Vintage Persian Bakhtiari Rug With Central Lotus On A Brick Red Ground, Blue Ground Spandrels And Ivory Ground Border.
1930mm x 1395mm



Price: $950.00
Stock Number: W291


A Vintage Persian Meymeh Rug With Medallions On An Ivory Ground And Red Ground Border.
1560mm x 1065mm



Price: $850.00
Stock Number: W292


A Napoleon III Aubusson Carpet, The Central Stylized Cartouche Entwined By Flowering Vines And Enclosing Large Formal Bouquets Within Similarly Decorated Border.
Circa 1880.
Approximately 14ft x 17ft 6in (4.27 x 5.33m)
Excellent Condition.
Purchased In Auction In San Francisco 5 Years Ago

Price: $24,500.00
Stock Number: CD491


A Most Decorative Savonnerie Carpet With Central Flower Head Medallion, Black Ground Spandrels With Scrolling Foliage And Yellow And Blue Repeat Border.
Circa 1900.
5700mm x 370mm
This Is An Extremely High Quality, High Pile Carpet In Excellent Condition.
Purchased In Paris In Auction About A Year Ago.

Price: $45,000.00
Stock Number: CD492

A 19thC Persian Carpet Border Fragment, Now A Wall Hanging, With Rust Ground And A Repeating Design Of Stylised Flower Heads; Cotton Salvage Fitted With Suspension Hooks.
1660mm x 420.
A Taste Of The Exotic.


Price: $85.00

Stock Number: T318


A Vintage Shirvan Rug, East Caucasus, Blue And Camel Ground With 3 Central Medallions.
Circa 1920.
1630mm x 1220mm
Some wear.


Price: $850
Stock Number:


A Brilliant Antique Kurdish Large Kelim Saddlebag woven in shades of blue, orange and red with repeating triangular shape devices, the multi stripe border with hooked devices and the base with simple red and black stripes, now formed as a seat over a modern wood frame with padded top and casters.
1090mmW x 545mmD x 565mH
A Gorgeous Seat For The Bottom Of The Bed.


Price:  $2,650.00

Stock Number: R50

An Extremely Decorative 19th Century Large Yellow Ground Embroidered Panel Decorated With Scrolling Foliage, A Peacock And Other Exotic Birds, The Border With A Mounted Horseman And Animals.
2900mm x 1850mm
Indo-Persian? Anglo-Indian?



Price: $3,850.00
Stock Number: H826



An Extremely Long Antique Tribal Runner, Karabakh, South West Caucusus, With Red Field, Repating Boteh Design, Blue Ground Spandrels And Multi Stripe Border.
1050mm Wide x 5800mm Long.
Circa 1920.
A Little Low Here And There, No Holes Or Rips, Superb Colours, VERY LONG!





Price: SOLD
Stock Number: Y56


A Vintage Caucasian Rug With Various Coloured Medallions On A Pale Blue Ground.
2110mm x 1500mm



Price: SOLD
Stock Number: W290


An Early 20th Century Mahal Carpet, north west Persia, with red ground, repeating medallion design and blue ground multi strip border.
12ft.7in. x 8ft.10in.
3.84m. x 2.69m


Price: SOLD
Stock Number:

A Large Late 19thC Hamadan High Pile Carpet With Red Ground, 3 Blue Ground Medallions, Stylised Birds And Trees, Vari-Coloured Salvage, Mulit-Stripe Border And Fringed Ends.
3330mm X 2455mm.
Excellent Condition, Nice High Pile With Little Wear, No Holes Rips Or Tears, Gorgeous Colours. A Snip At This Price.


Price: SOLD

Stock Number: S68


A Mahal Pink Ground Carpet With Single Blue Ground Medallion And Blue Ground Mulit Stripe Border.
West Persia,
Circa 1920.
386cm x 259cm


Price: SOLD
Stock Number:

A Good Large Early 20thC Chinese Blue Ground Carpet With Small Central Medallion Featuring A Building, The Blue Ground With Scattered Birds And Butterflys, The Oat Meal Border With Vases Of Chrysanthemum And Blossom.
2500mm x 3340mm.
Pretty Good Condition.




Price: SOLD
Stock Number: CD547


A Vintage Tekke Rug, West Turkestan, Typical Multi-Medallion Design On Pale Red Ground.
Circa 1940.
1640mm x 1180mm
A Good Quality Rug


Price: SOLD
Stock Number:


A Large Mid 20th Century Persian Pink Ground Carpet With A Tree Of Life Design And Multi Stripe Border.
5150mm Long x 3720mm Wide
Circa 1950.
A top quality carpet in excellent condition. Please note you will need to make an appointment to view this carpet as it will not fit in the gallery.


Price: SOLD
Stock Number:


An Antique Shirvan rug With Blue Ground, 3 Medallions, And Blue Ground Border With Saw Tooth Design.
East Caucasus, circa 1880.
6ft. x 3ft.7in. 1.83m. x 1.09m


Price: SOLD
Stock Number:


An Attractive Early 20th Century Heriz  Red Ground Runner With Four Blue Ground Medallions And Multi Stripe Border.
North West Persia
Circa 1920.
3490mm Long x 1040mm Wide


Price: SOLD
Stock Number:


A Vintage Tekke Rug, West Turkestan, Typical Multi-Medallion Design On Pale Red Ground.
Circa 1940.
1640mm x 1180mm
A Good Quality Rug


Price: SOLD
Stock Number:

A Gorgeous 19thC Persian Rug With Blue Ground, Single Red Ground Medallion, 4 Lesser Medallions At The Spandrels, Multi-Stripe Border And Fringed Ends.
1630mm x 1150mm
A Chunk Out Of One Side And A Couple Holes To The Other, Good Pile, Fantastic Colours. A Good Bedroom Rug, With Some Thought The Ragged Edge Could Be Tucked Away Beneath A Piece Of Furniture Or Under A Bed.


Price: SOLD

Stock Number: S67

A 19thC Persian Rug Fragment With Red Ground And Stylised Flower Head Design.
700mm x 470
A Bit Ragged And A Bit Low In Places


Price: SOLD

Stock Number: U166


An Antique Caucasian Ivory Ground Runner With Repeating Multi Flower Head Design, Multi Stripe Border And Fringed Ends.
3300mm Long x 950mm Wide
Circa 1900.
Pretty Good Condition, The Fringed Ends A Little Uneven, Salvage A Bit Worn, Retaining High Pile With No Tears Or Holes.



Price: SOLD
Stock Number: U60

An Exquisite Pair Of 19thC Caucasian, Perhaps Shirvan, Rug Fragments Or Perhaps Bag Faces (Borders On All Four Sides) With Blue Grounds And All Over Design Of Rows Of Stylized Trees.
650mm x 560.
The Borders Ragged, One With Low Pile To Part Of Field, Pile Quite Good, No Rips Tears Or Holes To Fields - Potentially A Very Lovely Pair Of Cushions.



Price: SOLD

Stock Number: T317

A 19thC Persian, Perhaps Shirvan, Rug Fragment With Blue Ground, 2 Rust Ground Medallions, Multi-Stripe Border And Fringed Ends.
1130mm x 850mm
A Bit Low, No Rips Or Tears, Fabulous Colours.


Price: SOLD

Stock Number: S66


A Colourful Early 20thC North West Persia, Hamadan, Wide Runner With 5 Central Medallions And Multi Stripe Border.
3980mm Long x 1310mm Wide.
Pretty good condition. Modestly priced!  


Price: SOLD
Stock Number:

  A large vintage Turkish, Ushak, red ground carpet with repeating medallion design in shades of blue and green.
Circa 1920.
383cm x 320cm (151" x 126")
A most decorative and large high pile carpet. Look good in an informal sitting room. Not bad in a bedroom either.
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: N0266

  A Gorgeous Late 19thC Caucasian Shirvan Geometric Rug, The Blue Ground With Repeating Elongated Panels And Scattered Stylised Animals,
The Red Ground Spandrels With Small Medallions And The Ivory Ground Border With Interlocking Hooks.
2300mm x 1270mm.
One End Border Slightly Reduced.



Price: SOLD
Stock Number:

  An extremely long semi antique Senneh runner.
7metres long x 1.07metres wide.
Price: SOLD
Stock Number: J592

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  A large 19th century French Paisley shawl bearing exhibition gold medal label.
Superb condition with one small repair.
3.4metres long x 1.65metres wide.


Price: SOLD